Skyward World: Patch Notes (Final)

Patch Notes last updated at: 17:50 CET, March 23, 2020

Content Table

Important - General - Imperial War Store - Quality of Life - City of the Demon Gods - Battle Companions
Class Skills - Guild Features Road to Greatness - In-game Store - Legends of Nuanor - Famous Generals
Localization - Known Issues


  • New Dungeon: City of the Demon Gods: Exorcise the Demon Gods in this new instanced-based 10-man dungeon!
  • New Battle Companion Systems: New systems and companions have been added. Find out more.
  • Cross-Server Wedding: A new wedding has been added to the roster. Purchase Rainbow Clouds from the In-game Store and embark to a Crystalline palace to hold your very own wedding, while inviting friends from other servers to come and join in the celebration.
  • Book of Enchantments: Collect Enchantments and power up with this new progression system!
  • Achievement System: Unlock achievements and earn rewards based on your achievement score.
  • Voras Sealbreak: Break the server-seal to enter Voras, the Skyfeather Kingdom by battling against the 12 Zodiacs!
  • Imperial War: Battle for Voras: Imperial War has now moved to Voras with brand new Server vs Server content! Battle for Resources and take over the most floating fortresses in this epic new PvP-orientated experience.
  • Overhauled Tutorial: The tutorial chapter has changed! Taku no longer perishes at the hands of the Darkscale, and you first appear in the Skyfeather Kingdom. Create a new character to revisit and relearn the start of your journey, and be introduced to new characters which will also play a big role in the new story chapter!
  • New Story Chapter: War of the Wardens, help the 4 Wardens uncover the mystery behind the City of the Demons Gods and face against new foes! This is only available for characters over level 69.
  • UI Overhaul: The UI has been updated with a fresh new look. Including, but not limited to: Skill Bar, Special Skill interface, Auction House, Character Window, Family Oath window, Achievement interface, Grand Boutique and the In-Game Store.
  • [NEW - 11th March 2020] With this update, we will also start a new season of Famous Generals.
  • [NEW - 15th March 2020] We plan to still end the Time Warp season on the 16th of April as mentioned in the in-game interface, a new Time Warp season will start on the 20th of April


  • Updated the in-game Character Creation screens with new UI, functions and visuals.
  • Updated the character selection screen with new backgrounds, different for each class.
  • Updated the background and UI on the server selection screen.
  • The Bronze Shard interface has been moved into the In-game Store.
  • Added a new currency: Spirit Points. These are an important currency which can only be obtained from selling valuable materials. You can sell and exchange materials with Horace Aula, the Ausgyth Commerce Center Merchant. This currency is used to purchase various Battle Companion and Book of Enchantment items.
  • Added a new currency: Calendula Coins. These are the the main currency used in Voras. You can earn these by participating in all kinds of Voras gameplay including: Battle Companion collection, Battle of Voras, Guild Resource Transportation and Weekly War Medal rewards. You can use these coins to purchase Badge Fragments, Rune Boxes and more.
  • The Grand Boutique has been updated to display new cosmetics, mounts, wings and accessories.
  • Updated the item descriptions in the Grand Boutique.
  • The Ausgyth World Map has been updated to include new markers, portals and two new areas: City of the Demon Gods and Skyfeather Camp.
  • Guild Auction can now be accessed when in Battlegrounds, it can also be accessed in the new Imperial War mode.
  • The Wing and Mount attendant NPCs for your home can now be purchased at the Faerie Inn vendor.
  • The Faerie Inn Vendor now stocks "Review" items which allow you to revisit your marriage ceremony. You must have already had a wedding of the specific type to be able to review your ceremony.
  • When gathering (foraging/felling/mining), level 59+ players with Premium service will no longer be trapped.
  • Added a new skill for Pacts. When you reach intimacy level 7: Unflaggingly Loyal, you will receive a new skill which allows you to take the Lethal Damage your partner receives if you are within a 50 meter radius. Your pact-mate will receive 1 second of Mercurial status as well as Shield Absorbing 10% of their maximum HP. This skill can only be used once per hour.
  • Weddings now have a chance to provide unbound Trinity Amethyst.
  • Added Basic Dragon Water into displayed drop list of Mech Citadel Challenge Raid in Road to Greatness
  • Adjusted time of Guild Alliance Battle's Guild Auction to start at 2105hrs
  • Purchased Escort Warrants can be sold to grocers at the same Imperial Coins it costs.
  • Purchased Dragoon Warrants can be consumed to obtain relevant amounts of Bronze Shards.
  • Some Channel Soul Orbs can be consumed to obtain Imperial Fealty.
  • Imperial War items that cannot be sold, consumed or converted are recommended to be discarded.
  • When using the Auction option for acquired loots in My Team/Epic Raid interface, lower grade items will be rolled directly instead.
  • Players with Explorer's Boost Pack will now also share the best stamina recovery among their Wings/Mounts
  • When gear durability is low and is about to be unusable, a pop-out warning icon will be available. You may use it to auto path to the nearest NPC to perform repair.
  • Optimized experience for Fishing and its QTE
  • You can now display a different title while retaining stats of another. An indicator will be available for the activated attribute title, allowing players to easily differentiate. (Note: Mentorship, Pact and Partner titles cannot be separately activated)
  • [NEW - 11th March 2020] Ancient Greatvoice and Anonymous Ancient Greatvoice are adjusted to be no longer usable nor obtainable, and can be consumed to obtain a large amounts of bronze shards.
  • [NEW - 11th March 2020] Oneiric Trials (Dreams of Liberation) instance of Imperial Society Dragoon's Order has been changed to Sunken Galleon instance.
  • [NEW - 12th March 2020] Added the Crystalline Devotion Outfit and Headpiece to Festoon, which will allow you to change these items gender.
  • [NEW - 18th March 2020] Cross-Server Friends feature is now available! Open your friends list to open the Add Friend window, which now offers a server select feature. Upon selecting your friend's server, key-in your their name and add right away! (Note: Players must both be online at the same time and have accepted the friend request to successfully add each other)
  • [NEW - 18th March 2020] Added Grandmaster's Focus, Scroll Two to each respective class' Material Shop at a cost of 200 Class Reputation each with 2 per day purchase limit. (Note: Limit purchase for Grandmaster's Focus, Scroll One is now removed, there may also be a chance to drop New Special Skill Books from daily activities!)
  • [NEW - 18th March 2020] Maximum amount of Wings and Mount slots has been increased to 39.
  • [NEW - 18th March 2020] All Curious Events now has a Multiplier Adjustment feature. Each round, you can spend 2 Peculiar Tickets to remain at normal multiplier, or 18 Peculiar Tickets for 5x multiplier, or 90 Peculiar Tickets for 20x multiplier. This multiplier only applies for the final personal rewards. You can access this feature with the new 'Multiplier Adjustment' option on each Curious Event NPC!
  • [NEW - 18th March 2020] You can now challenge other players (including cross-server players) at Cloud Peak Battle! Head over to the Cloud Peak Battle Envoy, NPC Kyn the Humorless at Sulan Square to initiate a challenge. You can also share the results!


  • 1-Star Expert raids will provide the same rewards as current 3-star Expert raids, their difficulties will remain unchanged.
  • 1-Star Expert Altar of Swords now has Gorthall as final boss.
  • 3-Star Expert raids (Darkfall, Grand Bulwark and Altar of Swords) now has added achievement rewards obtainable once per character, their difficulties will remain unchanged. There are no new top clear achievements.
  • In Eternal Chasm, the Ancestral Dragon's Phase 1 (Treasure Rune + Cannon Phase) now only needs to be cleared once. This change is applied to both Challenge and Epic modes.
  • In the Twelve Temples dungeon, the Dragon Zodiac now drops a head accessory and attire.
  • In the Twelve Temples dungeon, the accessory drop rate has been increased for all Zodiacs.
  • In Time Warp, we have optimized possible levels that can be skipped when the current level is cleared within a short timeframe.
  • In Time Warp, we have implemented level skipping based on the previous season.
  • In Time Warp, Arcane Mode now gives even higher bonus stats.
  • [NEW - 11th March 2020] In Time Warp, when you are at the spawn point you can instantly summon your Battle Companion without needing to cast.
  • [NEW - 11th March 2020] In Time Warp, the elite Gorthall's Manticore no longer stuns nor knocks back the player.
  • Added new Faction Achievements (Annals of History) for Sulan, Falmari, Hyphaean, Tidewater, Ursid, Wingar, Snowpine Peak, Volopine, Fort Whetsone, Northen Wolves, Immortal Annex, Sidus Ur and Qazri. Obtain all Annals to exchange for exclusive three person mount, Astral Sky Voyager!
  • Windcatcher and Disc Hop are removed.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of Shadow Demon 9 and Shadow Demon 10.
  • Added Shadow Demon 11, which can be found near Altar of Swords and Shadow Demon 12, which can be found near the Drill Grounds.
  • Adjusted the Spawn Locations of 'Mysterious Power' and 'Ancient Relic Treasure' in the Seeking Spirit's Courier phase.
  • In the Seeking Spirit's Courier phase, the chance to trigger blue energy orb collection has been reduced, while also reducing the required orbs needing to be collected from 6 to 4.
  • Class Heritage Rites Quests's [Gather Supplies] and [Gold Tier Quests] will only occur as the last quest in the sequence of quests.
  • Introduced a new Ticket shop at Volopine NPC Cita Ceres’s Fairy Stall. With a weekly limit, you can now purchase various useful items directly with Peculiar Tickets rather than recycling them for bronze shards.
  • Fishing Contest event time has been adjusted to Sundays.
  • [NEW - 11th March 2020] Obtaining a Spiritual Light Blade Box or a Qamari's Crescent from True Nyx or Keeper of the Sun Nyx now will be announced on cross-server scale


  • In Starshatter and Starshatter Rumble, suicides no longer count towards kills or assists.
  • Peerage and Peerage Rank for Imperial War has been removed. Items accessible based on Peerage Rank will now be accessible based on the server's age, while Earl and Duke Apparels and Accessories has been adjusted to be purchasable based on Famous General Rank. Imperial War Shop NPC has been replaced with Voras Shop NPC Meli Camrio, position and items sold remains unchanged.
  • Imperial Fealty is convertible to Army Coins at a ratio of 3.75:1. This conversion can be performed via the Voras Shop NPC Meli Camrio via a new Conversion option, Army Coins converted is not included into Army Coin weekly gain limit.
  • Starting from 1-Star Crimson Palladion, 5 Weekly Stipend Chests from war medal requirements is available instead of 3 Weekly Stipend Chests
  • Weekly Army Coin Limit of ranks from 3-Star Crimson Palladion onwards are increased by 20%
  • 2 Star Crimson Palladion rank up requirement has been changed to require 1 win in Mechanist's Gauntlet or Legends of Nuanor.
  • In battleground, players can now summon their Battle Companions without need to cast in the first 5 seconds when they respawn.
  • Adjusted Starshatter Island and Rumble event time to 20:00hrs server time on Tuesdays.
  • Adjusted Snowpine Peak Battle event time to 20:00hrs server time on Thursdays.

Imperial War Store:

The Imperial War vendor Oliver Soames has retired and has been replaced with the Voras Shop which is ran by Meli Camrio.
[NEW - 11th March 2020] In the Voras Shop, you can purchase a vast amount of items similar to the previous Imperial Shop. Items that can be purchased are unlocked based on server age ranging from 90 days to 460 days from when it was launched.

Calendula Coins:
This is the common currency of Voras. These can be earned by participating in all kinds of Voras content, including Battle Companion Foraging, Battle of Voras, Guild Resource Transport, and Weekly War Medal Rewards.

  • Weekly amount of Enchantment Glyph Gift Packs.
  • Bound Badge Fragments, Focus Pills, Normal Rune Box and Mixed-element Focus Pills.
  • Unbound Badge Fragments, Focus Pills or Normal Rune Box (Also costs Imperial Army Crest).

Army Coins:

  • Daily amount of Ascension Essence.
  • Earl and Duke Apparel (Requires Apparel Item IV and Famous General rank).
  • Bound Badge Fragments, Focus Pills and Normal Rune Boxes.
  • Unbound Badge Fragments, Focus Pills or Normal Rune Box (Also costs Imperial Army Crest).
  • A variety of Badge Frontier Skills.

Imperial Coins:

  • A variety of Merit Plates used for Badge Crafting.
  • A variety of Elements used for Class Focus Breakthrough.

The shop also features a tab specifically for players who performed well in Voras last week, which includes:

  • Weekly limit of Imperial Society Enchantment Glyphs.
  • Weekly limit of Discounted Bound Badge Fragments, Focus Pills and Normal Rune Box.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • The Store is now accessible via a floating button similar to the Gift Windows, the Ausgyth Cultivation Manual and the Road to Greatness.
  • Guild Auction can now be accessed from more locations.
  • Added a Equipment Switching scheme which allows players to save all currently equipped information (Gear, Special Skills, Skill Allocation, Skill Hotkeys, Tree of Wisdom and Enchantments) into a Scheme Set, players may freely switch in between saved scheme sets via one button press.
  • Added a new Hotkey Setting in Schemes allowing players to switch between various schemes under the same movement mode (Keyboard, Mouse and Action Mode).
  • Salvaging Crafted Gear now has a chance to also provide other types of Equipment Blueprints.
  • You can now access the chat channel when in the loading screen.
  • [NEW - 15th March 2020] Auto-questing feature is now available. With Basic Premium Service, you can now auto-run certain types of quests by pressing 'Ctrl+F', including Daily Class Heritage Rites, Daily Guild Quests and Weekly Quin's Equipment Quest upon accepting them. (Note: Auto-questing will stop if you do not have certain required materials or if it requires a unique targeting-based interaction)
  • [NEW - 18th March 2020] Added Daily Security Question Quest at NPC Jorse Varie, complete the quest by answering questions regarding account security to obtain an Excelsior Crystal.
  • [NEW - 18th March 2020] Resolved Weekly Quest - Netease Security Ambassador at NPC Jorse Varie, complete the quest to earn a Backpack Expander.
  • [NEW - 18th March 2020] Various Battle Companion Items that cannot be stored before, such as Battle Companion Skill Keys and Skill Key Pages, can now all be stored into Battle Companion Inventory at the Inventory Attendant

City of the Demon Gods

  • Dungeon has been added to the Road of Greatness.
  • Dungeon is available for players level 69 and above.
  • Dungeon features two modes, Normal and Achievement.
  • This dungeon is a 10-man Dungeon.
  • 19 New Achievements have been added to the Achievement interface. Some of these new achievements grant rewards such as titles and Enchantments.
  • New Cosmetic Items have been added which can be dropped from this dungeon.

Battle Companions

  • New Companion: Sky - This companion is only available in the tutorial area. Players who have completed the tutorial previously will receive x1 Sky Scroll via their mail on the release of the update.
  • New Companion: Yue Zhang - This companion can drop from the Twelve Temple dungeons.
  • New Companion: Aniya - This companion can be earn at the Ultra-Rare Companion Envoy in Sulan. You can use Divinity Shards to either get Haruka and Aniya, there is a 50/50 chance to receive each companion. If you receive Haruka and would like to change her for Aniya, you are able to do this at the Ultra-Rare Companion Envoy as well, but will need additional divinity shards for the conversion.
  • Battle Companion's Will: Power up your Battle Companions by increasing their Will. This system is similar to Guild Cultivations.
  • Spirit Realm Expeditions: Send Battle Companions on Expeditions to receive rewards, this can be accessed via the Battle Companion interface and also via the Mount and Wing Attendants which you can place into your Apartment or Oceanview Villa.
  • Prepare for Battle System: When your currently summoned Battle Companion dies, you no longer have to go back into the interface to summon another. The next battle companion listed in next slot in this interface will be automatically summoned. There are 4 slots, the first two unlock at level 59, the third at 69, and the fourth is available with Battle Companion premium service. In Arena, only the first two slots will work and in Time Warp, none will work.
  • You can now unlock additional Battle Companion Slots for a small fee of Bronze Shards. The maximum amount of slots you can have per character is 30.
  • Added new Battle Companion items to the In-game Store: Spirit Seals, Spirit Shards, Seal of Astral Projection and Seal of Pure Heart. Find out more details on the store page.
  • Added a new Premium Service specific to Battle Companions. Find out more details on the store page.
  • Added the ability to view other players Battle Companions when you view players character information. This can be turned off in settings if you do not want people to view your companions.
  • [NEW - 11th March 2020] All 4-talent pets can now be converted into Rebirth Crystals. Locate the Rebirth interface in any 4-talent companions, then click on 'Obtain' to select what other companions you would like to 'Transfer' into Rebirth Crystals. Normal companions provide 10 Rebirth Crystals, Rare companions provide 20 Rebirth Crystals and Ultra-rare companions provide 200 Rebirth Crystals. (Note: Rebirth Crystals are currencies used to randomize talents of any 4-talent companions, this costs 20 for normal grade companions whereas 40 for rare and ultra-rare grade companions).
  • The Battle Companion Caring system in your character's home has been replaced with the Spirit Realm Expedition system.
  • [NEW - 11th March 2020] Skill Transfer System: Players can now transfer skills from a battle companion to another at the cost of several skill hexes and a Seal of Astral Projection.
  • [NEW - 11th March 2020] Skill Socket System: Players can now guarantee the replacement of an existingly learnt skill with a skill key you own at the cost of a Seal of Pure Heart.

Made some changes to the following Battle Companion's Talents and Skills:


Talent/Ability Name Before (Heaven and Earth) After (Skyward World)
Wile After Battle Companion casts skill, gets shield worth 4%% of Max HP for 5 seconds. After the Battle Companion casts skill, it gets a shield worth 6% of its max HP for 5 seconds; 10 second cooldown
Spirit Maelstrom Battle Companion's instant and channeling skills have a 50% chance to give the target a 6% Physical and Magic Frailty effect for 4 seconds. Battle Companion's instant and channeling skills have a 50% chance to give the target a 9% Physical and Magic Frailty effect for 4 seconds.
Vine Guide Battle Companion's normal attacks have a 20% chance to give the target a 6% Physical and Magic Frailty effect for 4 seconds. Battle Companion's normal attacks have a 20% chance to give the target a 9% Physical and Magic Frailty effect for 4 seconds.
Lon Lediddo After using 30 normal attacks, Battle Companion gets invincibility for 3 seconds. After using 30 normal attacks, Battle Companion gets invincibility for 4 seconds.
Destiny Battle Companion Awakened Ability level effect is increased by 3 levels. Battle Companion Awakened Skill level effect is increased by 4 levels.


Talent Series Talent Name Before (Heaven and Earth) After (Skyward World)
Assassin Series sin5 Cold Loading When the Battle Companion uses an instant skill, there is a 12% chance to immediately reduce an instant skill's cooldown by 60%. When using a channeling skill, there is a 12%% chance to reduce next skill's Energy costs by 60%. When your Battle Companion uses an instant skill, there is a 35% chance to immediately reduce the instant skill's cooldown by 60%. When using a channeling skill, there is a 35% chance to reduce next skill's Energy costs by 60%.
Sorcery Series soc2 Splash of Diabolical Energy Each time Battle Companion deals a Vital Blow, damage worth X Battle Companion's Attack will be dealt to enemies over a fan-shaped area in front. This effect may only be triggered once every 5 seconds. Each time Battle Companion's normal attack deals a Vital Blow, damage worth X Battle Companion's Attack will be dealt to enemies over a fan-shaped area in front. This effect may only be triggered once every 5 seconds.


Companion Name Ability Awakened Ability
sky Sky skya1 Mutualism skya2 Jibi's Protection
yue Yue Zhang yuea1 Moondrop yuea2 Starseal
aniya Aniya aniyat1 Cloud Deity Crystal aniyat2 Wind's Grief


Ability Description
skya1 Mutualism Special Property: Sky's gotten stronger! Upon entering battle, Sky is granted a damage increase based upon master's level. Sky's damage is increased by 3.5 points for every level master has. After awakening, Sky gets an Energy boost equal to its master's Path level. Master's Path level increases Sky's energy limit by 8 points per level.
skya2 Jibi's Protection Awakened Skill: Sky's true form! Sky transforms into a large egg that does not take damage. Every 1 second, it deals X Magic Damage to enemies within 20 meters. Lasts 6 seconds. Fortune Egg: If her master is within 20 meters of the egg, they will get X Crit Rate and X Defense Boost effects. This lasts until the egg is finished or the master strays too far from it.
yuea1 Moondrop Special Property: Walk aside the cold river, and gaze upon the moon. Every 3 times Vital Blow is triggered, Yue Zhang gets Moondrop status: Increases X's Magic Attack and Xs's Vital Blow damage while allowing her normal attacks to leech and convert 1% of target's Mana (or Battle Companion Energy) to her own Energy based on ratio. Moondrop status lasts16 seconds.
yuea2 Starseal Awakened Ability: Yue Zhang transforms into several Illusions and wounds the souls of nearby enemies. Attack enemies within 7 meters range around Yue Zhang every 0.3 seconds, each dealing X Yue Zhang's Magic Attack worth of damage while inflicting a stack of Starfall. Her illusion attacks last for 2.4 seconds. Starfall: Reduces Mana Recovery effects by 90%.Starfall state lasts 6 seconds. This duration can be extended by stacking. When target has or more stacks of Starfall, Starshatter effect will be instantly triggered: will be instantly triggered: Paralyzes target for 2 seconds and inflicts one round of true damage equal to 250% of the target's Mana lost.True damage cannot exceed 1,000,000. Every Starshatterwill trigger 40 seconds of Starshatter Resist. Starshatter: If target does not have Starshatter Resist, illusion attacks will also reduce target's Mana by X. This effect scales by Yue Zhang's Intelligence Credential, effect cannot exceed 6%.
aniyat1 Cloud Deity Crystal [Special Property] Voras Core Crystal's Power Cloud Deity's Gaze Whenever Aniya casts a Channeling Skill, there is a 32% chance to attach Cloud's Gaze to an enemy unit within 20 meters of its targeted enemy. Gaze lasts 6 seconds. During this period, any of Aniya's attacks will also hit this unit. Only one target can have Gaze at a time. Cloud Deity's Clarity: Reduces the Dodge Rate of enemies within 30 meters by X. Cloud Deity's Protection: Aniya takes 6% less area damage. If HP falls below 20%, Aniya gets 20 seconds of Mercurial. This effect can only be triggered once every 30 seconds.
aniyat2 Wind's Grief Awakened Skill - God of Wind, please assist. Deals X damage to enemies within 7 meters of the targeted enemy. This attack interrupts channeling skills and grants a Grief state. Grief: Reduces Dodge Rate by X, Parry Rate by X, Movement Speed by X, and renders target unable to use Stamina skills. Grief state lasts 4 seconds.


Companion Name Exclusive Talent 1 Exclusive Talent 2 Possible Series Talents
sky Sky skyt1 Kitehawk skyt2 Focused Response Archer Series, Support Series, Hybrid Series
yue Yue Zhang yuet1 Dragon's Aura yuet2 Moonfall Brawling Series, Assassin Series, Hybrid Series
aniya Aniya aniyaa2 Perfusion of Wind aniyaa1 Mountain Song Sorcery Series, Assassin Series, Hybrid Series


Talent Description
skyt1 Kitehawk Sky leaps and charges energy in the air, unleashing a soaring bird that deals damage worth X of Magic Attack to the enemy target. Floating Hawk: Every time Kitehawk is cast,Sky gets X Spell Resist Rate for 8 seconds. In addition, Kitehawk deals X additional Magic Attack Damage to targets with more than 75% HP.
skyt2 Focused Response After entering battle, Sky's next normal attack is enhanced byX, this can be triggered every 10 seconds. Long Live the Clan: After entering battle, whenever her master uses a Special Skill, Sky's Vital Blow Rate is increased by X. This effect can stack up to 4 times.
yuet1 Dragon's Aura Upon taking damage, Yue Zhang acquires a 1.2% Vital Blow Rate, while deducting 10 Stamina from enemy targets within 5 meters. Dragon's Aura can be triggered once every 5 seconds, providing at most 5 stacks of Vital Blow Rate increase until the end battles.
yuet2 Moonfall Yue Zhang crashes down from the sky and rams into the ground, dealing damage worth X Magic Attack to enemies within 7 meters. Full Moon: If Yue Zhang's Energy is still greater than 44 after landing, Moonfall will follow up an additional X of Magic Attack damage.
aniyaa2 Perfusion of Wind Every time a channeling attack is used, Aniya gets a stack of Perfusion of Wind, which strengthens her combat capabilities. 3 stacks of Perfusion: Every time a Vital Blow is triggered, Aniya restores 6% Max HP. 6 stacks of Perfusion: Every time Aniya spends 120 Energy, cleanses a debuff from her master and herself. 9 stacks of Perfusion: Increases Aniya's Vital Blow damage by 30%.
aniyaa1 Mountain Song Emits a wind blade while channeling that deals damage worth X Magic Attack to target and a single enemy unit nearby. This damage ignores 10% of the target's Magic Defense. Mountain Song: Mountain Song will inflict extra true damage to Battle Companions worth 2.5% of the target's current HP.

Class Skills

Find out details about the skill changes for the Skyward World update on our Skyward World: Skill Changes page.

Guild Features

  • Activated a function to allow you to merge guilds.
  • The advertising guild quest will now shout in World Chat without using Falmari Horns.
  • The last guild quest: Playing with Friends has been adjusted to only require the following action: "Trick a Friend". If you already have the quest, your quest will not be affected by this change.
  • Adjusted Shifty Dodgy Event time. Now possible to be activated from Monday to Sunday 1800hrs to 2300hrs by guild officers. Can be activated once per week, with a total of 5 rounds.
  • Replaced the 3 Vice Guild Leaders with new rank name and separated them into different ranks, all ranks have the same permissions set as the Vice Leader: Vice Leader, Commander, Marshal. Please reassign your Vice Guild Leaders with a new rank.
  • Optimized Guild Red Envelope sign-in feature. You now have a new option to sign-in with only 1500 Imperial Coins, this yields 900 Guild Fealty instead

Road to Greatness Events

New events have been added to the Road to Greatness interface:

  • Skyfeather Trials: New event available on Mondays at 19:55 (server time).
  • Imperial Wargames: New event available on Wednesday's and Fridays at 22:00 (server time). Added achievements to the achievement interface for this event.
  • [NEW - 18th March 2020] Immortal Annex Trials Questionnaire Event: New event available on Fridays.

[NEW - 18th March 2020] Various events will appear in the Road to Greatness which are greyed out and locked. These events are related to Voras and will be unavailable until the seal is broken.

The Store

New Items have been added into the in-game store, check out our store page for extensive details.

Legends of Nuanor

  • The default characters in character selection have been changed to new characters.
  • You can now sell Hero Tokens back to the Legends of Naunor vendor for Regal Medals.

Famous Generals

[NEW - 22nd March 2020]

  • Famous General Season ended on the Heaven and Earth (live) servers on March 20, 11:00 CET (03:00 a.m. PDT).
  • The Famous General Season will start again on April 6, there is a chance that it may start again on March 23, we are monitoring the situation around this Seasonal event.
  • New Famous-general exclusive accessory has been added! Acquire the Battlefield Deity, a unique floating accessory by ranking up in famous generals!



  • The tutorial has been rewritten and has been overhauled.
  • The tutorial cutscenes have been updated and dialogue has been rewritten.
  • Previously some dialogue in cut-scenes did not appear, this has been fixed.
  • Skill descriptions have been changed to reflect new skill changes.
  • UI Elements have been updated and enlarged to fit English text.
  • Updated the descriptions of various Battle Companion items.
  • Updated text in various interfaces.
  • Updated skill and talent descriptions for Battle Companions to better explain their functions.
  • Loading Screens from the Loading Screen contest 2018 have been added back into the game.

If you noticed any localization inconsistencies or any areas you feel can be improved, please report them to our Moderation team on our Discord server.

Known Issues

Cross-Server Wedding:

  • You will receive two Corgi Skins, one is for the old Corgi and one is for the new Corgi, you will be unable to use both, you can throw away the one you do not use.
  • Cross-Server quests cannot spend/share Aurum in the first-stage of the Wedding.
  • The Second-Stage of the Wedding is exclusive to the Bride and Groom, guests will not be shown in this section of the Wedding.

Cross-Server Friends:

  • Unable to visit the Oceanview Villas or Fitting Rooms, regular apartments can be visited.
  • Unable to check the Skills, Battle Companions or Soul Grids.
  • Unable to leave a like in the MyCorner.
  • Cannot leave a +1 to User Tags in MyCorner.
  • Cannot check list if gifts or pings in MyCorner.
  • [NEW - 23rd March 2020] The Cross-Server's appear in the server list, this is not intended - you will not find any players by searching for them on these servers.

Cloud Peak Arena:

  • Spectating mode sometimes does not work when you click on the link in chat.
  • When right-clicking on a character which has accepted a battle, a message will appear saying "This person is not online."

Time Warp:

  • [NEW - 23rd March 2020] The date in the Leaderboard menu for Time Warp currently displays as the 30th of June. This is incorrect, the Season will end on the 16th of April.

Returnee Event:

  • [NEW - 23rd March 2020] The "Special Discounts" section of this interface is currently displaying placeholder prices. We recommend users to NOT purchase things from this menu until the issue is resolved. This will be fixed in the next update.


  • [NEW - 22nd March 2020] Various descriptions in the Book of Enchantment Blueprint and Trinity menu are not final and are somewhat confusing to read.
  • [NEW - 22nd March 2020] The purification tab of the Book of Enchantments mentions that you require Magic Mirrors. This is outdated translation, you need Enchantments for this interface.
  • [NEW - 22nd March 2020] The "Official Website" link in the ESC Menu is outdated.


  • Unable to complete Weekly Quest - Witness: Hall of Glory.
  • Localisation for the Book of Enchantments will be updated one week after launch, to make the system more understandable.

Fully Implemented at a Later Date

  • Orange-grade weapon skins (currently obtained via events such as the Colosseum) cannot be converted to another class.
  • Points Currency (Red Aurum) related features
  • Cross-Server Guild League (Special Tournament)
  • Equalised Arena (Fair Fight) and the Mighty Deity Templates.
  • Trivia God Questionnaire Event: New event available on Saturdays.
  • [NEW - 22nd March 2020] Cross-Server Auction House

Under Investigation

We are aiming to release these features with the launch of the Skyward World update. However, we are currently encountering technical issues which may postpone their release. If they are not implemented or fixed by the time of the Skyward World update launch, we will add it to the "Fully Implemented at a later date" category.

  • Luck Value: When Re-rolling talents, failure to obtain Group Talents will provide 1 point of Luck Value. 20 points of Luck Value will guarantee a Group Talent in the next re-roll. Luck value will reset whenever a Group Talent is obtained.

If you happen to notice any bugs, issues with localization or anything not listed here, please contact our Support team or a Moderator on our Discord server so it can be investigated and resolved.

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