Shadowblade Patch Notes

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Important - General - Soul Grid Panel - Darkwood Vale Battleground
Class Skills - Deathmatch - Group/Raid Invitations - Known Issues


  • New Assassin Class is now live.
  • Class Change System is now live.
  • Class Areas are now live. School Base Exteriors is now accessible. Added School Restoration Daily Quests.
  • The Venom ZX500 Mount is now live: The Venom ZX500 driver’s license test quest series is now available in Daily Quests. Players can approach Gale to take on these quests, and get a Venom ZX500 Driving Student Notes by completing the quests. Collect enough Notes and trade them with Gale to get an official Driver’s License and Flight License. Venom ZX500 Mount training quests are now live on all servers. Talk to Gale to get these quests.
  • Adventurer Manual has been activated, you can now take part in tasks.


  • Mythos has been fixed.
  • If you don't see "Covenant" quest from NPC Cray Morif, please, make sure you already finished orange study quest ("Growing Pains" quest chain). "Covenant" quest should be available after "Toughening: Darkfall Return"
  • 2nd Gear tab has been added to the character menu to allow you to switch between 2 sets of gear.
  • Equipment Modification has been partially activated, we will be expanding this feature in the coming weeks.
  • Prank Emotes no longer need special masks to be activated.
  • Added a new 3-Star Special Skill for every Class.
  • Catch-up mechanics activated for Talisman and Class Specialization.
  • Replaced the Aptitude System with Honing XP. Honing XP does not decay on the following day. XP Bonus Multiplier has been changed from the original 4-tier system of 1, 2, 3, and 4 tiers into a 3-tier system of 1, 2, and * Replaced the obsolete Aptitude items with Honing XP items.
  • Removed Equipment Refinement Transfer costs for transfers between Equipment of the same Tier.
  • Removed the Event Compendium, and replaced it with the Road to Greatness interface.
  • Recommendation tab is enabled in Road to Greatness.
  • Moved the spawning location of the Mountain Leviathan King at the Deathly Atoll from the center of the circular plate to the original site of the Pirate King's Grave (-81,1,70). Removed the Pirate King's Grave and its related game mode.
  • Added new skill Soulstone for the Mountain Leviathan King of Deathly Atoll (summons 1 Soulstone for 4 Soulstone effects: Kill Stone Maximum HP -50%; Soul Extinguish Stone: Defense -50%; Crumpled Stone: Attack -50%; Ecstasy Stone: Reverse direction). Recommend destroying these stones as quickly as possible.
  • Added View and Buy Now functions for required materials when viewing Recipes at the Crafting interface.
  • Removed the 100 vs 100 Guild Challenge.
  • Added 3 types of Cultivation Books, namely: Top Grade Top Grade Cultivation Book, Medium Grade Cultivation Book, and Low Grade Cultivation Book. Cultivation Books can be used to reduce Excelsior costs when acquiring Skill Cultivation Points. A Low Grade Cultivation Book can be used when there is less than 30 Cultivation Points; a Medium Grade Cultivation Book can be used when there is less than 60 Cultivation Points; and a Top Grade Cultivation Book can be used when there is less than 90 Cultivation Points. No discounts can be made when the player has more than 90 Cultivation Points.
  • Refinement of Excelsior Pastille at the Pastille Pot is changed to Refine Cultivation Book x 10 that gives 10 Unbound Cultivation Books when opened. This figure increases with corresponding level. Players of Level 49 or higher will obtain 4 Unbound Cultivation Books when achieving 100 Activity Level points in a day. The Ausgyth Commerce Center will also sell bound Cultivation Books according to the sequence of major Ausgyth events.
  • Added the Martial Crest Exchange function. Can be exchanged for a fixed quantity of precious items, including: Cultivation Books, Red Tickets, and Divine Dao, and even rare items such as Azure Tickets and Divine Sigils. Added a Martial Scholars Exchange NPC Orti Nediky outside the Imperial City Martial Palace.
  • Changed Guild Base region activation level requirements. Resources Zone is now open by default: Removed the 700 Exploration Points requirement. Munitions Zone activation Level is reduced from 2 to 1. Activation requires the same amount of Exploration Points. Casual Zone activation Level is reduced from 3 to 2. Activation requires the same amount of Exploration Points.
  • Changed the Tower of Loyalty Guild Level requirement: Max Level of the Tower of Loyalty is 2 times that of the Guild Level. For example, for a Level 9 Tower of Loyalty, Level 10 will upgrades will become available once the Guild reaches Level 5. (Please note: The maximum level of the Tower of Loyalty overall cannot exceed 10)
  • Funland Level 1 and Funland Level 2 becomes available at Guild Level 2 and Guild Level 3, respectively.
  • All-new Mobile Portal for Equipment Modification: Head to Personal Attribute -> Equipment Rating. The Equipment Modification interface portal is provided on the right. Click to access the interface to complete operations such as Equipment Refinement, Equipment Exalt Renewal, Veneration Renewal, and Tier Modification.
  • Removed the Falmari Tear requirement for combining Level 37 Gold Gear. Removed Falmari Tears from the relevant shops. Right-click to use Falmari Tears to directly receive Imperial Society Merit.
  • Heavenly Wheel Soul Slot, Earthly Wheel Soul Slot, and Source Soul Slot will be activated according to the player’s level, and will no longer depend on the Soul Grid Panel.
  • Growth Quest has been revised. The new Growth Quest now offers lots of XP and Item rewards. Path Breakthrough Quest will be partially detached from the Growth Quest. Players who have not completed Growth Quests can also successfully complete Path Quests and Enhanced Paths.
  • Changed the Clan Wars Master Wings Reward: Master Wings will no longer be issued to Rank 1 players of the Ausgyth Kings Leaderboard of each round of the tournament and Ranks 2 and 3 players of the Seasonal Leaderboards. Added an Unbound Rare Item of 2 Master Wings Essences to the Bastion Guild Leader Treasure Chest for weekly occupation of the territory. Combining 60 Master Wings Essences will provide a pair of Master Wings.
  • Optimized the Skill Casting actions for all skills. Skill will not enter Cooldown if the caster is interrupted during casting. An interrupted Special Skill will also not use up Special Skill Points. Optimized the effects of Reduced Casting Time buff. If Casting Time becomes less than 0 due to Skill Cultivation and Special Skill Dao when using the buff, the buff will not be canceled.
  • When a single round of any Arena fight reaches 3 minutes, both sides will gain an Anti-stealth Potion every 60 seconds. User of the Anti-stealth Potion will gain an Anti-stealth Buff. When active, the player can see a stealth unit, but this would also reduce HP by 2% every 5 seconds. Lasts for 60 seconds.
  • The In-game Shop will be rotating out with new outfits and items.

Soul Grid Panel


  • Embedding the Soul Grid Panel in a Soul Slot will determine Veneration conditions and effects. Soul Slot activation level is changed to Level 55.
  • The Soul Grid Panel can be directly acquired when equipping a Soul Crystal. When retrieving the Soul Grid Panel, an equipped Soul Crystal will remain in the Soul Grid Panel. However, the corresponding Veneration effect of the Soul Grid Panel will be automatically removed.


  • Activating Heaven Venerations: When the Level of an Eternity Crystal embedded in a Heavenly Wheel meets a certain requirement, Heaven Veneration can be activated to gain a bonus attribute.
  • Activating Earth Venerations: When the Level of an Eternity Crystal embedded in a Earth Wheel meets a certain requirement, Earth Veneration can be activated to gain a bonus attribute.
  • Source Grid no longer requires activation of the Heaven and Earth Venerations.

Darkwood Vale Battleground

  • Elites on the left and right paths have the same stats as the Elites at the center path.
  • New Elites now have far stronger Attack and Defense compared to the original ones.
  • When an Elite dies, other Elites of the same faction will gain a Grievance buff. In this state, the Elites gain 50% increase to damage reduction for 120 seconds and gain the Multiple Attack skill.
  • The first Leshy Chief has a refresh time of 60 seconds after the game begins.
  • The Leshy Chief and the Goldstone Leader will randomly appear in the upper or lower paths.
  • Leshy Chief's Soul: Changed the damages dealt by Swinging Blow, Thump, and Entanglement skills. Added the skills of Sanctified Shield and Make Haste.
  • Goldstone Leader's Soul: Changed the damages dealt by Shield Strike and Thump skills. Added the new skills of Power Strike, Sanctified Shield, and Make Haste. Removed the skill of Rock Shield.

Class Skills

Any Proximity Mine of the Gunslinger Class now removes the Invisibility of any Stealth Mode unit that come in contact with it. Added the Elementary Occultist's Gift Scroll 2 - Light for the Occultist. Using Occultist's Gift now dispels enemy Steal effects within a 5-meter radius.


Players entering the Deathmatch gain the Eye of Life and Death effect that has a very high chance to see invisible units.

Group/Raid Invitations

  • Finding a group is easier than ever: There is now a 'Queue' channel where group/raid invitation are posted when using the 'Share' button from the group/raid interface!
  • Note that this channel is disabled by default. You will need to enable it in your channel settings in order to see it.
  • The /Recruit Teammate command allow to send invitations in other chats.

Known Issues

  • The Venom ZX500 mount has no sound.
  • Clicking on a quest title in the quest tracker does not open the quest journal.
  • The voices are not fully localized in English yet. You will notice Chinese mainly in cutscenes.
  • The screenshot feature is not working.
  • Some character creation presets are unavailable.
  • The Fitting room tab of the Homeware merchant Volop Genen at the Faery Inn is visible but you cannot interact with it.
  • The group sharing interface is presenting a display issue.
  • It is impossible to create a customized channel.
  • Some questionary texts are missing.
  • The Assassin icon is not always accurately represented.
  • Assassin Skills have no sound.

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