What is that treasure you’re holding? Hmm, looks quite valuable if you ask me. Have you considered offering it up at auction and selling it to the highest bidder? You could make a tidy sum. Then again, maybe you’d like to keep it as part of a collection and maybe someone else has the other piece you seek. Either way, auctions are always one of the best places to find what you need in a pinch – assuming you are willing to pay the price.


It's possible to unlock your very own portable auction to buy or sell at your leisure, so be sure to press ‘V’ to open the crafting scroll and check out the top-node. Auctions are broken up into ‘bids’ and ‘instant buy’. If you don’t want to pay full whack for an item, you can always try bidding at a lower price. Assuming nobody bids higher, you could be in luck.


If you wish to sell items with an open-ended price, then selling without a buyout price is the way to go. On the other hand, maybe you simply don’t have the time for a bidding war, or just want to unload your treasure haul for a quick profit. If that's the case, an instant deal is the way to go.


Not all buyable/sellable items are singular – it won’t be long before you’re dealing with stacks of goods, so bear that in mind when buying or selling as there will be “1 piece” and “total” options available to you. Pay special attention when buying items from stacks – a miss-click could lead to a sour deal if buying huge numbers of items at disproportionate prices.


Sale durations can range from 1, 2 and 3 days. If you’re looking to sneak into a bid war on the sly, or want to make a deal more tempting, shorter deals may work in your favor. Other times you may just want to lump a bunch of goodies for as long as possible and see if anyone bites.


Don’t forget that if you don’t get every detail of your proposed auction correct as a seller, you can always cancel your sales (provided no bids have been made). However, once a bid has been placed on any sale (yours or someone else’s), the auction will ride the waves until it is bought out or the sale-duration is reached. You have to pay a little tax when you utilize auction houses. Each sale will be taxed slightly to cover the auction facilities, hence it’s much higher than simply opening your own store.


Lastly, there are two types of auctions: “Imperial Coin” based and “Aurum” based. No matter which option you’re perusing, there are some items out there that simply cannot be sold on either one (and some that cannot be sold at all). Whether you want to buy, sell, or even just browse, you’d do well to get familiar with the auction house.


Before the hammer goes down on the latest sales, we wish you good luck on your road to becoming a self-sufficient market guru (or in your quest to snap up profitable deals).

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