Maintenance - May 4, 2020

The servers will be taken offline Monday, May 4 at:

  • 09:00 - 12:00 CEST
  • 12:00 a.m. - 03:00 a.m. PDT


The purpose of taking the servers offline is to perform weekly maintenance.

Patch Notes

New Content

Activated the Famous General Season on all servers.



  • Fixed a display issue with Famous Generals where the system would show placeholder numbers, skills and rewards.
  • Updated a handful of questionnaires (questions and answers) for the Immortal Annex Trials event.
  • Updated the localization for language-orientated Soccer Shirts to their correct faction names. For example: Italian Soccer Shirt is now Mother Whale Soccer Shirt.
  • Removed the duplicate “for”’s in the Enchantments interface. For example: Some purifications would say “will grant x for for …”
  • Replaced the term “Vigor” with “Diligence” in the description for a large amount of crafting-related items.
  • Updated the localization for the achievement and objectives for the achievement: “Perfect: Temple of the Twelve”. It will now display as “Temple of the Twelve Completionist” and will list the correct achievement goals.
  • Updated the localization for System Messages relating to the items found in the store tab: Exclusive Great Value Giveaway.
  • The Faux-Piranha was previously localized as: Faux-pFunlandMastermindha, this has been fixed. Ha!
  • For consistency purposes, all mentions of “Resilient” have been replaced with “Resilience”.
  • Updated the localization for the “Cute Pets”:
    o “Baby Dragon” is now “Pearl Dragon”
    o ”Black Dragon Soul” is now ”Onyx Dragon”
    o ”Red Dragon Soul” is now ”Ruby Dragon”
    o “Albios” is now “Albios the Labrador”
    o “Little Guy” is now “Spot the Dalmatian”
    o “Little Pudding” is now “Sunny the Golden Retriever“
    o “Black Sheepdog” is now “Patch the Shepard“
    o “Gray Farmhound” is now “Coco the Hound“
    o “Gray Husky” is now “Aurora the Husky“
    o “Ice Snowfox” is now “Icy Snowfox”, however it is currently displayed as Ice Icy Snowfox, this will be fixed in a later patch.
    o “Blazing Vixen” is now “Blazing Firefox”
  • Updated various achievements descriptions to better describe how they will be able to be obtained.
  • Updated the names and descriptions of the following unusable Imperial War Items:
    o “Channel Soul Orb” is now “Soul Orb (Scrap)”
    o “Dragoon Warrant” is now “Dragoon Warrant (Scrap)”
    o “Auros Cavalier Warrant” is now “Auros Cavalier Warrant (Scrap)”. You can sell this item to a vendor for 6,000 Imperial Coins.
    o “Crimson Palladion Warrant” is now “Crimson Palladion Warrant (Scrap)”. You can sell this item to a vendor for 30,000 Imperial Coins.


We are investigating the issues with Scrap items which are unable to be consumed for Bronze Shards and are working on an alternative fix. We will keep you updated via Patch Notes once a fix has been applied.
If you have noticed any issues which are not listed above, please contact our Moderators on our Discord server or our Support team with the issue alongside a screenshot or video where applicable.


Approximately 3 hours.

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