Maintenance - April 6, 2020

The servers will be taken offline Monday, April 6 at:

  • 09:00 - 12:00 CEST
  • 12:00 a.m. - 03:00 a.m. PDT


The purpose of taking the servers offline is to perform weekly maintenance.

Patch Notes

We have fixed the following issues:


  • Updated the localization for the new Famous General Skills, which you can read about here. Some of these are still in progress and will be changed in an upcoming patch.
  • All Diligence mentions in players statistics, and various other interfaces now appear as “Vigor”.
  • The Mob Enchantment item which drops from the City of the Demon God’s description has been updated. You will only receive 1 random Mob Enchantment item, not 5.
  • Guidance mode UI has been enlarged so Merit percentage can be seen.
  • Replaced the Chinese with English in the following interfaces:
    o Summon Allies menu
    o F11 menu
    o Guild Bank Officer Permissions
  • The title descriptions for the Achievement rank titles in the title interface previously showed codes, these have been updated to include English descriptions.
  • Formatting issue in the Aurum Exchange Trade Record interface has been updated.
  • The Aurum icon on the Guild Red Envelope has been updated to the EU/NA Aurum icon.
  • The Blademaster’s Arcane Art: Intermediate Quick Slash Scroll I’s effect has been updated.
  • Updated a text issue with the “Lucky” Battle Companion Skill.
  • The “Send” button has been replaced with “Reply” in responses to in-game mail.
  • The Chinese in the Battle Companion Leaderboard has been replaced with English.
  • The 2nd item distribution bar in the Spoils of War interface no longer flickers.
  • The Chinese in some quest logs has been replaced with English.

If you have noticed any issues which are not listed above, please contact our Moderators on our Discord server or our Support team with the issue alongside a screenshot or video where applicable.


Approximately 3 hours.

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