Win nightmarish treats in our Halloween competition!

It’s time that time of year when we tempt you to build a figurative fire under your festive cauldron, pour in some creative juices and stir until something spooky emerges that might win you one of our Halloween prizes. This year it’s your creepy words and unsettling pictures that we’re eager to judge.
You can write something suitably hair-raising - some short fiction, a character profile, or a guide - or develop something visual like a piece of art, fancy dress or even a pumpkin carving. All that we ask is that your entry is Halloween-themed, Nuanor-inspired, fits neatly into the ‘writing’ or ‘art’ categories and doesn’t break the rules that might lead us to start throwing fire and brimstone in your general direction. Oh, and it needs to be submitted to the correct Discord channel (details below) before the witching hour (02:00 CET) on November 5th, (05:00 p.m. PST, November 4).
The top five entries in each category (Art and Written) will be up for the following prizes, plus we’ll be rewarding some of the better or more interesting entries with honorable mentions, so feel free to experiment and stir things up. Entries will be judged together by our multinational community team, so your entries can be in English, French or German - whatever works best for you!

Good luck!


Rank Prize
1st Place Autumn Harvest Cuckoo, Wings of Darkness, Mister Chucklehead, 1,500 Aurum
2nd Place Wings of Darkness, Mister Chucklehead, 1,500 Aurum
3rd Place Mister Chucklehead, 1,500 Aurum
4th Place Mister Chucklehead, 1,000 Aurum
5th Place Mister Chucklehead, 500 Aurum

1 / 1
Autumn Harvest Cuckoo
Wings of Darkness
Mister Chucklehead

Rules and Regulations

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