Video Contest: Your Arena Moment – Winners

Our "Your Arena Moment" video contest has come to a close, and we are pleased to announce the winners!

1st Place: M3dThilo

With its cool electric vibe and heavy guitar music, the video was both epic and the submission to beat!

2nd Place: Ubi

Ubi’s submission, a finger tapping, head bobbing, ballet of unbelievable charm left our heads in a tailspin and our hearts on fire!

3rd Place: iANIMERP

iANIMERP was able to craft a truly stunning, experimental, artistic submission that was both completely different from every other we received and a breath of fresh air because of it.

We received many great submissions for our Revelation Online video contest and we extend our appreciation to all of the players that took the time to film, edit and submit videos. The videos were truly inspiring!
From all of us at Revelation Online,
Thank you!

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