Valentine’s Day Competition

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is most definitely in the air. However, to make sure that we can all feel it this year, we want you to share your stories of how you came to be with your pact mate. It doesn’t have to be a long story, or even in the form of words - it just has to warm our hearts enough to remind us that we have one.
All entrants will be rewarded with a heartfelt gift, but those that thaw our hearts the most will win for themselves - and for their in-game spouses - our undying affection, plus some other other cool stuff, of course.
All you have to do is post some fitting text, an image or some video to our Discord channel; something that either explains or alludes to how your relationship came to blossom. It can be a short comic strip, a captioned screenshot, but if you do opt for text please submit it in English. Don’t worry about a rough translation, as the language of love always shines through - we won’t dock you points for misuse and typos. Do however make sure to post your entry on or by February 13, so you can then spend Valentine’s Day with that special someone / anyone / yourself (delete as applicable).



  • The winning entrant and their pact mate will each get a Spring Love Letter Mount, either an Intricate Sunset Set (Female) or Orchid Night (Male), 1,500 Aurum and the Cutie Pie Honor Title.
  • The 2nd place couple will each receive either an Intricate Sunset Set (Female) or Orchid Night (Male), 1,000 Aurum and the Cutie Pie Honor Title.
  • 3rd place pairing will each earn 1,000 Aurum and the Cutie Pie Honor Title.
  • Everyone who enters (with a “proper” entry) gets: "It's Valentine's Day, Everyday!" and a Heart Honeybear waist accessory.



  • Only entries submitted between February 6 and February 13, 23:59 CET (02:59 PST) will be accepted into the contest.
  • Individuals can combine text, video and images, but can only submit them as one entry, which must be posted to our “Valentine’s Day Contest Entries” Discord channel.
  • Please add your character name, that of your pact mate and server to your entry post.
  • Text entries must be in English or translated into English.
  • Entries cannot contain any material that violates the Revelation Online Forum Code of Conduct, Forum Terms of Service or the account Terms of Service.
  • Any and all players are subject to disqualification at any point before, during, and after this competition for violating the Terms of Service or any of our rules of participation.
  • The best entries (and what constitutes a “proper” entry) will be determined by the Revelation Online team. Winners will be announced online.
  • The content used to create your entry cannot be third party copyright material. Only material from Revelation Online, or copyright-free license can be used.
  • You agree that your entry can be used by for promotional purposes (e.g. published on official channels or the website).
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