Steam: Daily Login Event

In celebration of Revelation Online’s Steam launch, we've prepared a special daily login event, in which you can claim some amazing rewards just be logging into the game on specific days!
The login event each day starts at 00:00 CEST until 23:59 CEST.
The more days you login and play, the bigger and better your rewards!

Item Name Quantity Date
1 Rainbow Box x5 August 8
2 Spirit Feather Box  x5 August 9
3 Goldwin Carth Wings (30 days) x1 August 10
4 Handmade Equipment Reward x3 August 11
5 Red Phlogiston x15 August 12
6 Nine Chain Chest x5 August 13
7 Banana Lamp (30 days) x1 August 14
8 Divine Dao x10 August 15
9 Furniture Coupon Gift Pack x10 August 16
10 Ornate Cotton Pack x1 August 17
11 Tiger Cap (30 days) x1 August 18
12 Precious Mount Box x5 August 19
13 Depleted Phlogiston x50 August 20
14 Imperial Ram (30 days) x1 August 21

That’s not all! If you login on 7 out of the 14 days you receive a High-level Mount Stone and if you login on 14 out of the 14 days you will receive a High-level Upgrade Featherstone!
Please note that the items will be sent to your web inventory, where you can then send them to the avatar of your choice and collect them in the mailbox.
Once again, welcome to Nuanor. We hope you enjoy exploring one of the most unique and expansive MMOs available anywhere!

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