Report the Rampage: Results

Welcome back, hero! Last month we challenged you to sheathe your sword and serve as a battlefield reporter for a month. The topic? Territory Wars (AKA. Castle Sieges, Clan Wars and Guild Wars).
As our eye in the sky (or on the ground), we tasked you with providing the community with your very own report of the carnage and mayhem that took place during above mentioned community battles in as informative, funny or grisly a manner you deemed appropriate.
In return, we offered special prizes for the top five reports that caught our eye, so before we unveil the winners, let’s have another quick peek at the rewards that were up for grabs:

  • 1st: S-type Heat Crawler (Red), Bright Starlight Wings & Cloudsmoke Apparel Box
  • 2nd: Bright Starlight Wings & Cloudsmoke Apparel Box
  • 3rd - 5th: Cloudsmoke Apparel Box

Without further ado, here are the lucky winners of the July Challenge: Report the Rampage!

1st: Pry - Moonsea

2nd: Death - Divine Overlook


3rd: Psibyl - Darkfall


4th: Anemone - Moonsea


5th: DragonKnight - Moonsea


A huge congratulations to all winners and a big thank you to everyone who took the time to give us their take on the bedlam and chaos of the recent community warfare(s). It has been a pleasure checking out your spin on what exactly happened during those gruesome battles and we look forward to seeing the results of your next escapade on those same battlefields.
Don’t forget that even more prizes will be up for grabs as part of brand new challenges each and every month, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our news-feed to see what we have in store for you during the month of August!
Think you can come up with tricky or fun quests to test the community with? Then don’t hesitate to share your very own custom-challenge in the official custom-challenge thread! Maybe you will become the quest-master for a month.
Happy hunting, hero!

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