Pumpkin Carving Contest

Happy Halloween, everyone! We’ve got all manner of rewards and fun lined up for you during the spooky festivities, yet we’d also like to join you for some good old-fashioned pumpkin carving as part of our upcoming contest.
So if you have a pumpkin to spare and would like a chance to snag even more goodies during the Halloween celebrations, grab your carving knife and get ready to make a great pumpkin impression!


How does it work? Simple! We’ve got an armful of rewards lined up for those who can wow our judges with Revelation Online themed pumpkin carvings, be it logo, character or monster based – anything that is clearly related to Revelation Online.
In return, we’ll be selecting five winners (per language) who will no doubt cackle like a wicked witch when they get their hands on these fantastic rewards:

Rank Prize
1st 1x Feather Wings - Gloomy, 1x Windbone Costume (Gender Specific), 1x Pumpkini, 10x Brother Rabbit Sludge Rune
2nd 1x Windbone Costume (Gender Specific), 1x Pumpkini, 10x Brother Rabbit Sludge Rune
3rd 1x Pumpkini, 10x Brother Rabbit Sludge Rune
4th & 5th 1x Pumpkini

1 / 1
Feather Wings - Gloomy
Windbone (female)
Windbone (male)
Brother Rabbit


  • Carve a pumpkin with a Revelation Online theme of your choosing.
  • Provide a clear picture of the pumpkin (along with your character name, server, and gender of your character) via the dedicated contest thread before the end of the day on October 31st, 23:59 CET (23:59 CET /3:59pm PDT).
  • Multiple entries can be submitted, though only one entry can win per account.
  • 5 winners (per language) shall be selected once the contest ends.
  • You can use assets provided on https://ro.my.com/media/fankit

With this contest and the Trick or Treat gift page, your Nuanor Halloween is guaranteed to be a scarily rewarding one, so don’t miss out on all the frightening fun!

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