The Arena Report #2

The end of the Arena Event is fast approaching, with the gates closing on Monday, February 26, 12:00 CET. We are looking forward to these last few days as this week’s top 10 list is a mix of established warriors and newcomers.


EU servers

Tik (Guild: SemperFi, Moonsea) dethroned Hiseki (Guild: DeathlyAtoll, Moonsea) and earned the coveted first spot with 17,403 points. Chizuru (Guild: OnePunch, Tidewater) is hot on his heels and may be able to manage snatch that first place back. Ranks 4 to 10 now have a steep hurdle to take if they want to claim a spot in the top 3!

NA servers

The Lotus guild (Snowpine) still dominates the top 10 with FundMe, making a powerful debut (14,294 points). Rank 2 belongs to Chump (Guild: Oi, Snowpine). Lotus still manage to secure some spots in the top 10, and we are excited to see if they can keep them. However, the guild Exile makes it a daunting prospect.
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See you next week for the final wrap-up of the arena event!

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