Monthly Challenge July – Report the rampage!

Heroes of Nuanor – while you may have explored every corner of the realm and squared off against all manner of perils, it’s time to test your mettle against something more… sporadic. Introducing custom challenges, a monthly event where we’ll be your quest provider!
With special prizes on the line, we call upon you to fulfil a custom-made challenge every month – a challenge that could cover any aspect of Revelation Online. Dungeon related, exploration related, crafting related… Anything goes!
As part of the Revelation Online July Challenge, you are hereby tasked with composing an informative battle-report regarding the recent Territory Wars – or, as some have come to know them Castle Sieges, Clan Wars, and Guild Wars.

With so much battle and bloodshed across the realm of Nuanor, it can be difficult to keep up-to-date with the bedlam and mayhem, thus we need YOU to tell us your version of what exactly happened during these epic battles in as fun and/or informative way as possible, then share that report on the dedicated Facebook post.


Inspiration: SilverpineSentinel

In return for the top-5 battle-reports (per language - EN, FR and DE), we’ll be giving away fantastic gifts:

  • 1st: S-type Heat Crawler (Red), Bright Starlight Wings (90 days) & Cloudsmoke Apparel Box
  • 2nd: Bright Starlight Wings (90 days) & Cloudsmoke Apparel Box
  • 3rd - 5th: Cloudsmoke Apparel Box

Don’t hold back on all the grisly details if you want a chance at winning these brilliant prizes!

  • The contest starts on July 1st and ends on July 31st, 23:59 CEST (2:59pm PDT).
  • Entries must be submitted as a comment below the official Facebook post (and must contain your character name & the server).
  • Only one entry per user is allowed.
  • The winners will be determined by the subjective judgement of the Revelation Online team and winners will be announced and prizes sent a few days later.
  • The battle reports can feature several characters – however, only the creator can be awarded a prize.
  • The battle reports must not contain third party copyrighted items.
  • The battle reports must not contain inappropriate content such as profanities, references to illegal acts or any other item that is in violation of Revelation Online Terms of Service.
  • By submitting an entry, you agree to allow us to use it for marketing or promotional purposes.

Think you can come up with tricky or fun quests to test the community with? Then don’t hesitate to share your very own custom-challenge in the official custom-challenge thread! Maybe you will become the quest-master for a month.

Happy hunting, hero!

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