Inner Demons Trial

Prepare yourself, hero. Nuanor needs you to conquer your inner demons within a challenging trial!

Not be confused with good old fashioned soul-searching, these inner demons are actually beings that have broken any and all rules regarding time and space itself, piercing reality and entering our world via twisted portals that even Nuanor’s best and brightest minds can’t comprehend. While the demons’ method of transport to Nuanor remains a mystery, their intentions are abundantly clear – destruction and chaos.


Demons are often unimaginative beings that rely on fear and raw power when dealing with prey, yet these particular invaders seem to have manifested almost human-like traits. From demons that enter a greed-filled rage to those that challenge your mind through trials of intelligence, these aren’t your run of the mill beasties that quiver at the sight of a brandished sword – these are human sins incarnate. We call upon you to defend Nuanor and do whatever is necessary to eliminate these demons, lest they befoul our lands and devolve our civilization into a marinade of slow-burning self-destruction.


All players level 40 and above can team up with 3-5 allies to face 6 particularly nasty inner demons every other Sunday. Upon completion of your registration request, simply head over to the Immortal Annex to collect “Demon Arrest Tokens”. The respective NPC will provide you with 15 of these tokens daily, allowing completion of these trials 15 times a day.


4 times a day, dimensional seals will weaken all across Nuanor, creating dimensional rifts between space and time – each representing one of the 6 major inner demons that are looking to terrorize Nuanor: Abstinence, Calm, Intelligence, Greed, Rage, and Idiocy. Each of the 6 inner demons have their own special dungeon to be cleared and conquered, as well as being unique boss battles in their own right.


Completing these dungeons will reward you with precious tokens that can either be traded with a nearby quest NPC at the Immortal Annex for special gift boxes, or donated to a scroll box beside said NPC which adds towards potential server-wide bonuses – a fitting way to celebrate the brave heroes willing to enter alternate dimensions and face down incarnate-sins. Are you worthy of such celebration? If so, your sword shall drink deep of demon blood!

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