Guides and Videos Wanted to Help Steam Newcomers

Revelation Online is coming to Steam very, very soon! It means more people will soon be trying the game than ever before; which means more friends to make, enemies to vanquish and more fun to be had.
In order to maximise everyone’s enjoyment, we need veterans to come together to welcome Steam’s newcomers as best they can; by helping them understand Revelation Online’s extensive features, Nuanor’s deep lore and the community's curious ways - and how they all combine to provide a unique MMOG experience.
To do all that we’re going to need your help...
What we’re asking for is as many tutorials and insights as possible to fill Revelation Online’s Steam Community Hub area before midnight CEST on Sunday September 9th, 2018. These can be written up as guides or posted as gameplay videos, and they can be as extensive or exacting as you see fit. What we do insist on, however, is that they are your own work, are as accurate and as accessible as you can make them, and don’t contravene’s Terms of Service or Codes of Conduct.
What’s in it for you, aside from the warm glow of satisfaction that comes from helping someone take their first steps in a strange new world? How about some lovely in-game stuff, with the following going out to the finest of the English entries, another for our French players, and also a full selection or prizes for the German winners.


Rank Price
1st Place 1x Bright Starlight Wings, 1x Talent Award, 30x Nine Chain Chests
2nd Place 1x Talent Award, 30x Nine Chain Chests
3rd Place 30x Nine Chain Chests
Runner-ups (x2) 15x Nine Chain Chests

1 / 1
Bright Starlight Wings
Talent Award

If you need further inspiration, check out the Revelation Online forum or reference any of the current ‘How to start’ guides as a starting point, or why not have a think about parts of the game you found difficult when you were getting started and how you overcame them to become the unstoppable guru you are today?
Areas of the game you might also like to include:

  • Getting started
  • Your first days / weeks in Revelation Online
  • Class guides
  • Lore / characters
  • Inventory management
  • Leveling guides
  • Interface / communications
  • 10 top tips: places to go, things to do, items to own, etc
  • Daily / weekly activities
  • PvP
  • How to make friends and join guilds
  • Location / area guides
  • Personal stories

You can submit as many guides as you like for as many areas of the game you’re an expert in, but there can be only one main winner for each of the main languages - English, French and German - although we will have some worthwhile surprises for a select number of runners-up - more on those soon!
Do please remember to include your main character name and server at the end of your guide so that we can distribute prizes as quickly as possible after they become available.
We realize that writing guides and making videos isn’t for everyone, which is why we’re running a competition in parallel for those with an artistic flair - check it out!
Good luck to you all - and on behalf of the next generation of Revelation Online players, thank you!

Rules & Regulations
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