In-game Event: Sigil Gift

As you all know, there currently is an event running in game, which we recently resolved an issue with, item expiry.
We also understand that this event came out of the blue and we made the decision to leave it in and fix the items, so you could enjoy it.
As it is nearly the day of our Anniversary, and due to the event appearing at such short notice, we've decided to offer all of our players some bonus Sigils which can be used at the New Year Envoy in Sulan, so you can get the items you've been eyeing up!
The event will end on March 1, but the NPC will remain for some time after.
So grab your free Bright Night Anniversary Chest (contains 2,500 Bright Night Sigils) and your free Dark Night Anniversary Chest (contains 2,500 Dark Night Sigils).

We hope you enjoy this small gift!

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