Event: Monthly Challenge November

We challenge all adventurers, magemen, demonslayers, sleuths, and self-proclaimed experts of Nuanor to test their mettle against that of their rivals. Demonstrate to us that your knowledge of Nuanor is unparallelled and engage in our latest challenge: a contest driven by strife, anxiety, and endurance.


Long have you been engaged in heated arguments with friends, clansmen, and archenemies over inefficient methods of raiding and leveling. Argue with them no more. Now is your chance to prove your intuition!

Beginning now, and ending on December 28th at 10:00 CET / 1:00 PST, we challenge you to take your characters from level 1... to level 65! All level 1 characters are eligible for entry, and any singular account can enter as many level 1 characters as they desire. No limits.

The only barriers to success in this challenge will be your ability to endure the grind and your ability to use your knowledge of the world of Nuanor creatively to cleverly level-up faster than you ever thought possible. This challenge is not for the meek.

Every character that successfully completes the challenge will be awarded the Golden Wings of Flashing Starlight, a set of wings never before obtainable in-game. These wings will stand as a testament to your resolve, your dedication… your mettle.


Do you have what it takes? Someone will be the first in Nuanor, but will that someone be You?

Are you READY? Are you SET? GO!

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