Event: Monthly Challenge June

Heroes of Nuanor – while you may have explored every corner of the realm and squared off against all manner of perils, it’s time to test your mettle against something more… sporadic. Introducing custom challenges, a monthly event where we’ll be your quest provider! With special prizes on the line, we call upon you to fulfill a custom-made challenge every month, a challenge that could cover any aspect of Revelation Online. Dungeon related, exploration related, crafting related… Anything goes!


The very first custom challenge shall begin on the 1st of June, so if you’d like to get your heroic hands on a Community Deserted Shrine Quest Box (which grants some cosmetic items and a title!), then it’s time to accept your very first monthly quest!


You are hereby challenged to venture into the Deserted Shrine (Expert 1* difficulty) and complete it 12 times within the allotted time-frame (1st to 30th of June) on a single character, but that’s not all! If your region goes on to complete Deserted Shrine (Expert 1)* a total of 2,000 times, then we will boost the prize for next month's challenge to something greater!
*Sidekick runs count as entries


Sounds simple, right? Ah, but this is merely a test of your resolve! Future challenges could involve anything and everything in-game, with rewards that are equally as shifty, so consider this a simple and rewarding warm-up while we plot our next devious custom-quest. Think you can come up with tricky or fun quests to test the community with? Then don’t hesitate to share your very own custom-challenge in the official custom-challenge thread! Maybe you will become the quest-master for a month.

Happy hunting, hero!

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