Event: Jade Conquest

We are excited to announce the "Jade Conquest" event, allowing you to snag some extra rewards for your efforts in the Territory Wars!
For each siege you accomplish this month (June 9, 16, 23, and 30), guild leaders who captured a fort or a bastion (12 per server) will receive an additional reward that they can freely distribute among their guild members!
Please note that we only take the final capture into account. The rewards are not bound.
The following rewards will be sent weekly via in-game mail to the guild leaders:
Additional rewards for seizing a bastion:

  • 750x White Jade
  • 30x Ink Jade

Additional rewards for capturing a fort:

  • 2,250x White Jade
  • 90x Ink Jade

Please note that that rewards will only be given to a single guild for a maximum of 1 Fort and 2 Bastions. Any additional captures will not result in more rewards.
Want to learn more about Territory Wars? Check out our guide. Good luck!


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