Cosplay Contest: RPC & Gamescom!

You’ve met many great characters and squared off against all manner of creatures in the bright and beautiful worlds of Aelion and Nuanor, yet how would you react to seeing them all in the flesh? Starting with the Skyforge & Revelation Online team’s upcoming visit to the Role Play Convention in Germany, we hope to find out – and we’re not alone!

Erza and Kakao – two exceptionally talented cosplayers – will be showcasing their creative brilliance at the Role Play Convention as a character from Skyforge and Revelation Online of their choosing. You’ll have the chance to meet Erza and Kakao at the Lioncast booth, F-021 in hall 10.2 in Koelnmesse on Saturday (27th, between 10am-8pm) and Sunday (28th, between 10am-6pm), so if you’re an aspiring cosplayer looking for insight, a fan of the games, or simply wish to admire their ability to bring said games to life, why not drop by and say hello? You can also check out their fantastic work and show your support via their Facebook (Erza | Kakao) and Instagram (Erza | Kakao) pages!

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These two lovely ladies have inspired us to conduct our very own cosplay contest; an event that will culminate into a finale all the way over at Gamescom itself! Imagine battling against the Bedazzling Akonita in-game, only to find yourself shaking her hand/claw/appendage at Gamescom while Shinji and Akuta look on from the crowd. Maybe you’d enjoy tutoring the masses as the ever-distracted Flavius, or lead the crowd as Ianna herself. No matter which world you enjoy playing in most, there’s no shortage of classes, characters and creatures to sink your cosplaying teeth into – we’d love to see what you could come up with!

We can’t wait to meet you at the Role Play Convention and are greatly looking forward to our upcoming trip to Gamescom – and you can help us bring Skyforge and Revelation Online there in more ways than one! We’ll have more details regarding the contest in the near future, so stay tuned!

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