Contest: Prank A Friend – Winners

Our Prank A Friend contest is over and it’s time to announce the winners!
Before we do so, we’d like to thank everyone for their submission. We’ve had a lot of fun viewing your videos and reading about your shenanigans. They were a true fountain of inspiration for the next office party! And now, let’s salute those who made Akuta proud:


1st Place

Solerai (Emollion) - Setting my guild up for the 1st of April

"I've known for awhile my guildie had been searching for a new online waifu.
Someone to do dailies with, a person he could relax in the hotsprings with at the end of a long day.
His search had been fruitless for he is a very picky person when it comes to women of Nuanor.
So I've decided to pull a prank on him for his vanity.
I've disguised as an attractive lady that happen to meet him in the hotsprings.
After a short amount of persuasion from him and playing hard to get from me.
We meet outside on Sulan square and went on a date in the sakura forests surrounding Sulan.
He took me to their guild base and after dining I danced for him.
After a day filled with adventures I revealed my true self.
I was a thirsty volopine all along!
Of course he was not happy and ran away in horror.
But I had my laugh and that is the story of how I pranked my guildie on the 1st pf April."


2nd Place

MafiaTemptation (Tidewater) - The Bighead Ghost

"I'll go to my friends house and ask them to come over with a big surprise, The Ghost (Mafia) Invasion, my head grow bigger and bigger, It can not be stop, soon my head take over the half of the space... while they are cryin out of laughter over my big head that take over their house, it is time to hunt them down and eat them up.... NOW it is TIME FOR WORLD INVASION, first I'll drink water from the ocean to make my head bigger, then the boat and soon after .... the whole world?... (Evil Laugh)
I'M COMING FOR YOU THIS APRIL'S FOOL, NO WAY OF ESCAPING! Big Giant Head Ghost coming your way! Friends

Special thanks to MilkaOreo and Dev and all of my friends in Revelation online!!!"


1st Place

NoxAbhu (Emollion) - A perfect pull!


2nd Place

Xue (Emollion) - That was close!

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

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