Contest: Prank A Friend

With April 1st speeding its way towards Nuanor, we wanted to check in with our Heroes to discover just what mischief they have thought up, are planning, or have executed! If you fall into one of these three categories: we want to hear from you!


Tell us how you're planning to prank your friends this April 1st, or how you've pranked a friend in the past, by submitting either a video lasting under 3 minutes (uploaded to YouTube/Twitch with the tags #RevelationOnline and #AprilFools) or a short story with a maximum of 300 words (posted to our Official Submission Thread). We’ll then choose 10 winners (5 per category) who will be rewarded with the following:

Rank Prize
1 Demon Catcher, Scarlet Mask, Valkyrie Wings, Mystical Gourd of Luck, Sage Apparel
2 Demon Catcher, Scarlet Mask, Valkyrie Wings, Mystical Gourd of Luck
3 Demon Catcher, Scarlet Mask, Valkyrie Wings
4 Demon Catcher, Scarlet Mask
5 Demon Catcher

1 / 1
Demon Catcher
Scarlet Mask
Valkyrie Wings
Mystical Gourd of Luck
Sage Apparel

Entries to the Prank A Friend contest are eligible for submission between March 30th and April 6th, with final entries accepted no later than at 23:59 CEST for EU servers and 11:59 a.m. PDT for NA servers!

Are you the most mischievous hero in Nuanor? Submit your entry and find out!

For a complete list of rules, see:

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