Contest: Halloween Bake-Off

This year, we’d thought we’d take the treat part of Halloween very seriously; welcome to the Revelation Online Halloween Bake-Off Contest!
The goal? It’s simple! Grab your aprons and whisks and whip up your spookiest, tastiest, Revelation Online themed Halloween cake. Impress our panel of judges with spookiness and make our mouths water! Think you’ve got what it takes?

Here’s the rules and how to enter:

What can you win in this spooky event? Look no further!

  • Rank 1: Skylight Broom, Windbone Outfit, From Hell Title, 2,000 Aurum
  • Rank 2: Windbone Outfit, From Hell Title, 1,000 Aurum
  • Rank 3: From Hell Title, 500 Aurum


What are you waiting for? Halloween treats await!

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