Contest: Creativity and Courtship - Winners

Going... going... gone! As we get ready to announce the winners of our "Creativity and Courtship" contest, it is important to note that although our contest may be over, the love that followed it still lives.
The submissions, submitters, ideas, and creativity demonstrated by you, the players, has left us with a feeling of joy and happiness impossible to duplicate. It is you, not us, who makes Revelation Online truly great! It is to all of these submissions, and to all of the players that opened their hearts to us that we affirm all of you to be winners of our heart here at
The winners are:


1st: Limeball (Though she cooked Jibi!)

2nd: Anemone (Valentine's Day Offer at Faery Agency!)

3rd: KisaraFury (An entry full of love!)


1st: SchokoBons (Eventually found her Valentine!)

2nd: Ângel (Little angel and devil!)

3rd: Saénryss (A day with Kathan!)


1st: Føfinha (Boys are exhausting!)

2nd: Kiore (For his guild!)

View the full entry here.

3rd: KiaraKibo (A day with her wife!)

There were truly some amazing moments in many of the posts. Take these instances of romance to the skies, and may all of your Date Nights be just as fantastic, as you have demonstrated they can be! Congratulations to all!

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