Contest: Colosseum Guild Propaganda - Winners

We recently asked you to get creative and take part in our Guild Propaganda contest. We’re thrilled to announce the winners:


1 / 1
1st: Tekken Force
2nd: Newbie in Action
3rd: Tigres



1 / 1
1st: Tutto o Niente
2nd: Celestials
3rd: ShadowCouncil
4th: Exceed
5th: Release



1 / 1
1st: House of Sunar
2nd: Noctis
3rd: Killer Instinct
4th: Gods



1 / 1
1st: Visionary



1 / 1
1st: Playmatez
2nd: Celestial
3rd: Narians
4th: Redemption


Divine Overlook

1 / 1
1st: Basilisk
2nd: Raiders

A round of applause to all the winners and participants! We’ll be sending out the prizes asap. In the meantime, be sure to check out all the other fantastic entries in our Colosseum Guild Propaganda Contest.
See you in the next contest!

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