Companion Combination Competition

Battle Companions are always by our sides in Revelation, and our real pets are by our sides in our lives every day. We wonder what would happen if we combined our most loyal companions from on-screen and off-screen, and now we want answers! In our brand-new Companion Combination Competition, we are asking you to combine your pets from the real world with your Battle Companions from Revelation Online to create the ultimate Champion Companion! Do you think you have what it takes?


  • Submit your entry to our Discord contest channel!
  • One submission per user, may contain no more than 2 pets total.
  • Use any medium you like (Image editing, drawing, sculpting, make a costume for your pet, etc!)
  • The real animal you use does not have to be your own.
  • There will be 2 rounds of voting.
  • The first round will be voted on by reacting :thumbsup: on a submission; no other reactions will count towards the total score.
  • The top 3 highest scoring submissions from the first round will then be pitted against each other for the top rewards.
  • A final vote will be posted, only one vote per person.
  • You may not advertise your submission in the official Discord; doing so will result in an automatic disqualification.
  • Entries will close on September 18, 23:59 CEST (2:59 p.m. PDT), 2 weeks from launch), final vote will commence upon entry closure. Voting will close 2 days after the final vote is posted.



  • 1st Place: Level IV pet scroll x2, Acacia Branch x2, 2,000 Aurum
  • 2nd Place: Level IV pet scroll x1, Acacia Branch x1, 1,500 Aurum
  • 3rd Place: Level III pet scroll x1, Acacia Branch x1, 1,000 Aurum

Sound like something you’ve got an eye for? Then let’s see it! Good luck!

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