Colosseum X: The Final Reckoning

Blood, sweat, and prizes—it’s time to enter the colosseum. Take part in the event from now until June 7 at 23:59 CEST (02:59 p.m. PDT) to prove yourself and earn great rewards. There are prizes just for entering, but the greatest spoils go to the victors.

This is your last chance to play the Colosseum event as you know it. Keep an eye out for details in the future regarding the new changes!

Join any of the active PvP Battlefields (press ‘H’ to access the PvP interface in-game), duke it out with other players to rack up points, and climb the leaderboard toward all-new prizes. Achieve a spot in the top 100 players to receive the Noratadon, a hulking dinosaur mount that manages to be both cute and fearsome. If you’re aiming even higher, landing in the top 10 will earn you the ‘Warrior's Envy’ title to flaunt!

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Warrior's Envy Title

Please note that Legends of Nuanor kills and assists will NOT provide you with any points in the Colosseum X.
Don’t know which PvP Battlefield to join on certain days? Try these on for size:

Enter the Colosseum, and good luck!


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