Colosseum IX: Battle for Exclusive Rewards!

Are you ready to rumble? Enter the Colosseum IX between now and January 6 at 23:00 CET for your shot at immortal glory and rewards that can’t be found anywhere else. There are rewards just for entering, but to the victors go the ultimate spoils…
Join any of the active PvP Battlefields (press ‘H’ to access the PvP interface in-game), duke it out with other players to rack up points, and climb the leaderboard toward all-new prizes. Achieve a spot in the top 100 players to receive the Seal of Strength (Back Accessory), twin swords that are a mark of honor among Nuanor’s greatest champions. If you’re aiming even higher, landing in the top 10 will earn you the honorable ‘Fearsome Tyrant’ title!

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Fearsome Tyrant Title
Seal of Strength

Please note that Legends of Nuanor kills and assists will NOT provide you with any points in the Colosseum IX.
Don’t know which PvP Battlefield to join on certain days? Try these on for size:

You can enter into the Colosseum IX right now. Best of luck, and may the best fighters win!


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