Colosseum II: Recap

Our Colosseum II event has ended and we've seen a total of 2,109 players duking it out on the battlefields of Nuanor!

After countless respectable fights, Nadriethiël from Ronin (Moonsea, EU) and Łou from Playmatez (Snowpine, NA) managed to strike down their opponents and claim their well-deserved victory.


Here are the top 100:



All prizes have been sent, so check your web inventory!
Just like last time, we'd like to take a moment and respond to your feedback:
Make the event last longer
We are looking into increasing the duration of the event. We’ll hold a Straw Poll survey on Discord soon, so be sure to stop by!
What about point difficulty?
There was some feedback from Colosseum I that the point difficulty was too hard. For Colosseum II, we significantly reduced it and have received only positive comments about it.
Difficulty in finding matches
We’ve noticed that it’s easier when the Colosseum event is active, which is why we want to make it longer. We also acknowledge that players are experiencing bugs in EU during battlegrounds. We’re gathering all the relevant data to send to the developers and try to solve the issues.
Can we add PvE challenges?
We’re considering it, but not in the near future.

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