A Call To Arms: The Colosseum III

That’s right, the biggest clash of swords, bells, and whatever else you use to main your enemies with, is back! Commencing on July 26 and lasting for 12 days until August 7, all those engaged in Battlefield PvP combat will once again be fighting to become a champion of the Colosseum, for whom immutable glory and endless riches await!

The rules are simple: Join one of the active PvP Battlefields (press ‘H’) and collect points for winning. The more points you have, the higher up the leaderboard you’ll be, and whoever has the most points at the end of the event gets the most glory and the biggest prize.


If you’re looking for a Battlefield to join on any particular day, try these:

Remember, the Colosseum will have mysteriously disappeared by August 7. 12:00 CEST (03:00 a.m. PDT), so prep your finest gear and get ready for an almighty rumble. The Colosseum awaits!


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