Brother Rabbit Takeover

As you enter Nuanor today, things seem off… The sound of chains, the cracks of whips... You look around Sulan frantically, wondering where the Commerce Steward is, so you can begin your Handmade Quest for the week. But, in his place stands none other than Brother Rabbit!


A mystical energy has transformed all the residents of the land into the infamous mob found in the Oneiric Trails. Why? We don’t know. That’s just April Magic! But he is not without mercy, and for his invasion of the land, he will be providing a surprise gift to you if you earn 1 Activity point in the Road to Greatness between 00:00 to 23:59 server time on April 1st, your surprise will appear in your web inventory. Don’t be afraid, check it out!


While we work on the mystery and figure out how to send him back, keep an eye out! There may be chances to assist in repelling him yourself.
Stay strong… And don’t… Don’t touch his whip.

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