The Anniversary Colosseum VII has begun!

It’s time once again to pick up your swords and grab your friendly Spirit Shapers for a battle only suited for the best of the best! As part of our Anniversary Celebrations, we have brought back the Colosseum for its VII installment.


Unlike previous Colosseum’s, this one is a bit more festive (it’s our 3rd anniversary!), so this time we are giving out a lot more unique and exciting rewards. With a bundle of PvE and PvP Level V Marks, Advanced Rune boxes and more up for grabs!


For those of you who rank in the Top 100, you will be able to get your hands on a Champion’s Medal accessory, with those of you who rank in our Top 10 receiving a Dragonscale Moonlight MyCorner Skin and an “Ausgyth Unrivalled” Special Title!


To get involved in Colosseum VII, join any of the active PvP Battlefields (press ‘H’ in-game) between now and March 8, 23:00 CET (02:00 p.m. PST) and the more points you amass from winning, the higher up the leaderboard you’ll end up. You can also earn a nice reward for just enlisting, consisting of Trinity Amethyst x2!


Please note that Legends of Nuanor's kills and assists do NOT provide you with any points in this Colosseum.

If you’re looking for a Battlefield to join on any particular day, try these:

Colosseum VII is open for the battle right now, so jump in and make sure you’re there when all hell breaks loose!

Good luck out there!

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