Winter Calendar 2018 festive freebies

There’s no better way to prepare for the festive season than to peel back the doors on a recycled cardboard chart and eat whatever’s nestled behind. Sadly, our Winter Calendar lacks physical form, and so, in the absence of reconstituted candies, we’ve got the next best thing to give away - in-game treats!
The concept is much the same as last year’s Winter Calendar, only this year it’s being hung on the wall of the myLoot web shop, a cavernous resource from which we’ve raided the shelves. All you have to do to acquire your winter benefits is head to and click on the festive banner to find out what the daily giveaway item is, then click to claim and have it later delivered to your web inventory.


The festivities begin on December 1, 00:00 CET (November 30, 3pm PDT) and there will be a new giveaway every 24 hours thereafter until the final one on December 25 (23:59 CET, 2:59pm PST). Note that after a new giveaway item is revealed, you only have 48 hours in which to claim it, which means you have until December 27 to claim the final giveaway item, so remember to check daily and claim your gifts in good time to be sure of maximizing your festive cheer.


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