Weekend Sale: Mount Menagerie!

If you are lacking wings or suffering from aerial arthritis, are tired of riding around Nuanor on the same old mount, have a case of heroic blisters on your feet, or just want to give your stable full of beasts-of-burden a well-earned rest, then you may very well find our upcoming Mount Menagerie deal to your liking!

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Until October 9th (14:00 CEST/5am PDT), an assortment of loyal and amazing mounts of all shapes and sizes will be presented to you at a whopping 35% discount. From mechanical wonders to celestial miracles, consider giving these captivating creatures a home and they will help you travel Nuanor in style.
Interested? Then check out what we have in store for you this week:

Item Description Price
1 Frost Lens Get 35% off this orb-shaped mount and float among the stars. 2,137 Aurum
2 M-Type Heat Crawler Get 35% off this Spider Mech and travel around the darkest depths of Nuanor in style! 707 Aurum
3 Divine Riding Medicine - Extreme Maintains a mount's Fullness. Using it will set the current mount's Fullness at 100 for 30 days, keeping it merry and providing a 10% speed bonus. 83 Aurum
4 Mount Boost Spirit - Extreme Speeds up mount fusion. Using it can increase fusion efficacy for the current mount for 30 days. 83 Aurum

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Frost Lens
M-Type Heat Crawler

Don’t delay – this totally mad sale will end on October 9th – be there, or be left behind on foot!

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