Weekend Sale: Cute Companions

Looking for a treasured and trusted companion? Could you use a furry friend to follow you around in your adventure? Well, we now have something pawesome in store for you!
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Until September 11th, 14:00 CEST (5am PDT), you no longer have to worry about being alone in your adventure! Learn more about what we have in store for you this week!

Adopt Your bundle of joy!

Get a cute companion to accompany you on your journey throughout Nuanor. These adorable and loyal pets will follow you anywhere be it into the heart of battle or on a leisurely stroll along Eventide beach! Pay a visit to our webshop to check out this week’s Weekend Sale!

Item Description Price
1 Gray Farmhound This cute Gray Farmhound will follow you into every danger Nuanor has to offer 1,500 Aurum
2 Black Sheepdog This loyal Black Sheepdog will follow you into every danger Nuanor has to offer 1,000 Aurum
3 Gray Husky Bundle (incl. 3 Pets) Buy this bundle containing both the Gray Farmhound & the Black Sheepdog and get a Gray Husky for free! 2,405 Aurum

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Gray Husky
Black Sheepdog

Hurry though - our Cute Companion sale ends on September 11th, 14:00 CEST (5am PDT)!

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