Weekend Sale: Awesome Accessories!

Want to see the world through stylish eyes? Then have no fear, the Nuanor Accessory Sale is here, bringing all manner of cosmetic goodness for your heroic figure to enjoy – from hip and intelligent glasses to special lanterns that’ll brighten up your day, parasols to keep the rain at bay, and many other terrific trinkets to adorn yourself with – all at a huge 35% discount!

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Item Description Price
1 Black-rimmed Glasses Look like a hipster with these large Black-rimmed Glasses - Now 35% off! 382 Aurum
2 Pacifier Let your inner child out with the Pacifier - Now 35% off! 122 Aurum
3 Eye of the Rose The Eye of the Rose is on sale - Now 35% off! 131 Aurum
4 Plum Blossom Parasol Dance among the blossom trees in Ersich Forest with the Plum Blossom Parasol - Now 35% off! 577 Aurum
5 Southern Rain Shade yourself from the sun with Southern Rain - Now 35% off! 577 Aurum
6 Fragrant Lantern Light up your evening with the Fragrant Lantern - Now 35% off! 577 Aurum
7 Sunlight Lantern The Sunlight Lantern will help you make the darkest places light - Now 35% off! 577 Aurum

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Black-rimmed Glasses
Eye of the Rose
Plum Blossom Parasol
Southern Rain
Fragrant Lantern
Sunlight Lantern

All these fantastic items will maintain their discounted price until September 25th, so if you want to spice up your existing costume with these fashionable accessories and give it the perfect finishing touch, now is your chance – don’t delay!

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