Week in Review - 24/02/2017

Name Reservation closed

We have closed the name reservation and prepare the servers for OBT!


Learn about the various ways you can gain wings in Revelation Online!


Learn more about how to acquire better results on the battlefield by slotting marks into your equipment!

Early Access

Our long awaited early access begins on February 27th and we’re excited to be getting ready to throw open the doors to Nuanor. Prepare yourself for your Nuanor journey, your adventure starts at 13:00CET/04:00PST!

Don't have a Founder Pack for early access? There's still time to purchase one and be one of the first heroes to step into the world of Nuanor!

EN Founder

Concept Art of the Week!

Our concept art of the week shows an idyllic village that has thrown off the shackles of winter!


Fanart of the Week

For our fanart this week we decided to showcase the top picks from our Spread the love contest. Congratulations to Marie S (EU), Elrich Walker (NA), Alexandre Ivars (FR) and Lisa Keller (DE) who all took first place in their respective regions!

1 / 1
Marie S
Elrich Walker
Alexanre Ivars
Lisa Keller

If you have fanart to share, please do so in the Fanart section of the forums!

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