Week in Review - 19/08/2016

Welcome to our second Week In Review. Let’s take a look at what happened in Nuanor the past week.

French and German Facebook Pages!

We are happy to announce that we've created dedicated Facebook pages for our French and German players. Make sure to like them!

Q&A about lore

Learn what the Revelation Online Team revealed about working on the lore!


The Protectors of the Wooded Highlands

You met the bear-like Ursids, who inhabit dense mountain forests, where they live in harmony with the spirits and other beings.

Community member Maja showed us a hard-working Ursid. Honey for Maja!

Concept Art of the Week

Our Concept Art of the Week fits perfectly as it shows the Ursids in their everyday lives: Unlike the humans at the forest’s edge, the Ursids live ascetically, taking only what they need and nothing more. Whether they are busy catching fish or coppicing hardwoods, the Ursids never forget their sylvan provenance.


Control System: Click-To-Move

Revelation Online allows you to choose and switch at-will between three different control settings. We showed you what Click-To-Move looks like. This control setting is a blast from the past! Click on where you want to go and simply click and lock on your target to land attacks and spells.

Fan Art of the Week

This week's fan-art is from community member Nhi Pham Slade, showing a skilled Swordmage. Take cover when she approaches!

Staff post of the Week

Our dedicated Roleplay fans sent an open letter to the Revelation Online team where they expressed their desire for a role play server. Our producer replied with several indications for chat character limit, dedicated server and naming policies.

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