Week in Review - 12/08/2016

Welcome to Revelation Online’s week in review, where we take a look at what happened in Nuanor the past week.

The Hyphaeans of Amanita Hamlet

We introduced you to the Hyphaeans, a race who emerged from under the massive Greatwood Baum. The vast world of Revelation Online brims with deep lore and rich histories. Of all the diverse civilizations, some ancient some newly arrived, that you’ll find in Ausgyth continent the timeless Hyphaeans are among the strangest.

Spiritshaper Spells

This week, we also introduced the Spiritshaper Spells. Spiritshapers summon powerful creatures, controlling them from afar. Their formidable healing abilities support their team.

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Concept Art of the Week

Not just the Hyphaeans are strange. Also their home is wondrous. The air is redolent with spores, ethers and volatile gases. Humans, with their poor sense of smell, barely notice but keener races maintain their distance.

Fan Art of the Week

This adorable week's fan-art is brought to you by community member Karuka. Cow hats for everyone!

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