Week in Review - 09/09/2016

Introducing the guild feature on our forum!

We are excited to introduce a new feature on our forum: the guild page!

Revelation Online's Basic Design Concept – Part II

Learn more about the designer’s ideas in regards to your alter ego and its progression.

PVE in Revelation Online

The world of Nuanor is full of mysteries, monsters and even rewards! In Revelation Online there are adventures abound. Every dungeon is different, with traps to avoid, challenges to overcome and some good old carnage thrown into the mix!

Concept Art of the Week

This Concept Art shows where the Revelation Online Team would love to spend their weekend. What about you?


Fanart of the week

This week, we also asked the community to share their best piece of fanart for our week in review. We enjoy the submissions so far and here are our top 3 for this week!

1 / 1
EN - 7ice
FR - Gladia
DE - Healiana<3

Thank you very much for your stunning images. Keep an eye on your forum inbox. We'll be sending you a CBT1 key soon! Don't worry if you are not among the top 3. You can still take part in our contest! If you are not an artist, our various contests on Facebook and Twitter @RevOnlineGame have got you covered. So make sure to follow us!

See you next week,
- The Revelation Online Team

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