Week in Review - 06/01/2017

CBT2 has now ended

CBT2 has ended: Bug tracking submission has also closed.

Open World PvP, Battlegrounds & Arenas

Battle with other players across the world of Nuanor throughout the various different PvP modes!

Player's Choice Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Revelation Online is nominated for MMORPGs Player’s Choice Award 2016! Show your support and have your say! Don’t forget to spread the word.

Costume Preview of the Week

Beware the occultist and its lethal claws as she wears the Woeful Snake Armor!

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Concept Art of the Week

For those wishing to battle in the Altar of Swords must first be brave enough first to pass through the Shattered Valley.

Fanart of the Week

Our fanart this week features Tuxsoul painting of a Vanguard and a Gunslinger preparing to enter a dungeon, AngelyDark and their stunning screenshot from CBT along with MiniMing and a picture of their Spiritshaper!

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