Uprising Update Now Live!

You were warned, hero. It was foretold that an uprising was on the cards – and now it is here!

As enemies stir in the dungeons of Nuanor and magical swords come to life in service of long-dead emperors, new tweaks and changes will also be hitting Revelation Online, such as the level cap of 79, a new dungeon floor for the Scour Dungeon version of Mech Citadel, the Azure Dragon Guild Tournament, additional means of unlocking all soul-grid buffs in a speedy manner, appealing gear-set effects, a sleuth of server-first rewards for the latest content, and much more.
Be the first to quell the uprising and you will be well rewarded either way. Regarding dungeon-difficulties and the server-firsts, clearing any mode has its own reward, yet it is no surprise that 10man Expert mode bears the most fruit.
This is where the true challenge lays, so gather your comrades and work together for speedy completion – only the fastest and most efficient clears of expert mode will display your worth for all of Nuanor to see:

Achievement Reward
G Server First Clear Awakened Golden Flying Sword
G Top 5 Server Clear Golden Flying Sword


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Item Description
1 Pink Firestone Necessary material for strengthening of handmade equipment.
2 Divine Dao Use the Divine Dao for talent development of special skills.
3 Divine Focus Divine Focus can increase the Dao focus of special skills.

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We hope you enjoy the latest update and wish you well on your adventure, hero. Tell your friends and gather your guild-mates, for now is the time to showcase your martial efficiency and claim fascinating rewards for your very own.

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