Update: Server Merge & Server-First Reset

We recently announced our Server Merges and Server-First resets which we were planning to have take place on June 14th, however, due to time constraints we have decided to change our plan to allow for our community to have more preparation for the Server-First resets and have more understanding of how we will operate the merge and the server-first reset.

Merge Maintenance:

Our server merge date is still as planned, and will take place on Wednesday, June 14th. Maintenance will start at 10:00 CEST until 15:00 CEST (1am - 6am PDT, 5 hour downtime), this maintenance will include the merging of the Servers.

Server-First Maintenance:

On Monday, June 19th, we will have another maintenance specifically for EU servers at 19:00 CEST until 20:00 CEST (1 hour downtime) to restart the EU server and run commands to reset the Server-Firsts. Once we open at 20:00 CEST players will want to rush forward to their chosen dungeon to claim their glory and rewards.

Also on Monday, June 19th, we will have a third maintenance which will be specifically for the NA servers at 6pm PDT until 7pm (1 hour downtime) to restart the NA servers, run commands to reset the Server-Firsts and also open up the new NA server Divine Overlook. Once we reopen, players will want to run to the dungeon that they want to claim the server-firsts on and also login to the new server.

Please note, those of you who plan to take part in the server-first event will want to make sure you keep your dungeon runs saved for the event after the maintenance as we will NOT be resetting your dungeon runs.

Server-First FAQ

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