There is no doubt that the land of Nuanor is a sight to behold, yet with adventurers in high-demand and so many things to do, it should be no surprise that not everyone is inclined to stop what they’re doing in-order to soak in the gorgeous view once in a while.


Whether to catch a once in a lifetime glimpse of breath-taking scenery, or to see just what type of threats lurk right around the very next corner, it is always wise to get the lay of the land and explore Nuanor with both eyes wide open.

Introducing the Sightseeing feature; helping you discover many beautiful locations around Nuanor whilst also giving a means to earn achievements, rewards and various other benefits simply for admiring the view! So, how does it work?


Keep your eyes open for marked ‘sightseeing spots’ during your travels. These are represented by a film recorder icon that can be easily located on the mini-map. Once you reach the marked location, you’ll find a named NPC standing there with the same icon above their names. Simply talk to them and enjoy the cut-scene!

Sightseeing in Nuanor will not only unlock certain achievements, but can also reward experience, Imperial Coins, or even +3 Potential (attributes used for character development) per sightseeing spot visited. After all, the most renowned adventurers often have very impressive knowledge of the land, thus checking out as many sightseeing spots as possible can be very rewarding in itself.

Here’s just a taste of some of the sights you can behold:

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Ersich Forest
Eventide Bay
Amanita Hamlet

We hope you enjoy this feature! Say, why not capture some screenshots of your favourite location during your travels along the way? We’d love to see them!

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