Territory Wars

Territory Wars is one of the PvP options in Revelation Online that gets your blood surging. Here your guild can engage in vicious firefights and if you and your friends manage to successfully take bastions, you can raise your flags in corresponding cities. So if you like large-scale PvP, don't miss out on this!

3 Regions - 9 Territories

As the Imperial City was being created, the developers took the Imperial City and divided it into two battlegrounds, east and west. You can select battlefields from the complete map of the Nuanor and their fronts would span the entire known territory Eastbreden, Midbreden and Westland - These were separated into region and each region holds 3 territories. The guild surrounding these 3 regions and 9 territories are engaged in contentious battle. They fought not just for valuable loot that the bastions yielded, but also to prove their nobility and dignity.


Offense & Defense - Strategy is Key

The game map is so large and contains so many intricate geomorphic features that each bastion requires a different strategy. Players must take these special features into consideration when mounting offense or defense. Some battlefields are more suitable for frontal assaults, while some require a roundabout surprise. This utilizes the joy of team fighting to the largest extent possible. The defenders of the bastion must always be aware of enemy attacks and take appropriate defensive measures. They also must know when to set up an effective ambush. Attackers must consider their opponent's numbers and Might to formulate an effective battle plan. Different guild situations require different strategies and both will help determine who ends up in control of the bastion.


Battle tactics!

Weaker guilds can form alliances to take on stronger opponents. Additionally, the addition of attribute bonuses, turrets, battle chariots, respawn portals, etc. make the battlefield even more interesting and complex. The appropriate use of these items can prove vital to turnaround the battle in your favor.


The Valor Mark becomes a key item on the battlefield. After a guild takes a bastion, they must protect the Valor Mark until the Territory Wars has ended in order to be victorious. Thus how to destroy the opponent's Valor Mark becomes an important strategy for the attacking guild.
Territory Wars has an extra level of freedom because all information is searchable. You can find out how many combatants your opponent has, what their classes are, what their levels are, what kind of defenses they have and what the terrain is like. Then you can use this information to create more dynamic and flexible attack strategies.


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