Sunny Summer Sale

Meet in the hallway of Fort Whetstone or any place you like and get ready to slide into the water, enjoy some passion fruit and feel forever young! Don’t be a bad liar: You wouldn’t want to wear your dungeon gear on the beach, right?

Vitality Ink - TNT: Tan'N Tattoo!

With the heat levels rising, our Revelation Online summer shop update is giving you beautiful beach bikinis and vibrant vintage suits: all you need to stay cool as a cucumber! Get ready to snap up something snazzy this summer!

Be sure to show off your six-packs and bikini bodies in Eventide, Divine Overlook or Tidewater Village.

Country Breeze - Got sunmilk?

We wish you all a fantastic summer and look forward to seeing you dazzle the crowd with your brand-new summer outfits!

Clearwater Top - Cool as a cucumber!

And don’t forget: in order to stay in perfect shape, keep doing your daily exercises!

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