Sneak Peek - 3-Star Special Skills!

We're working hard on the next update for Revelation Online. With it comes many, many features, but just to give you a taste of what’s to come, we thought we’d share a fundamental part of the update: New Three-Star Special Skills! Read on to find out what’s in store for your class!

Vanguard – Thunder Snare

"A stalwart defender is not without defensive tactics."
With the power of thunder, the Vanguard leaps into the air and slams down on the selected location.

  • Over a 10 meter area, deals 627.8% base Physical Attack damage to enemies, with an additional 6414-7839 Physical Damage. Adds 20 additional Force. Enemies closer to the center of the area take more damage.
  • Ring-shaped stone walls will appear in the area struck, preventing enemies from leaving on foot (though they can be jumped over). These walls last 5 seconds.
    o Vanguard leaps high into the air and slams into the ground, knocking down enemies in a 10-meter area. Lasts 3 seconds. When knocked down, enemies cannot move or use stamina or skills.
    o Inflicts Bleeding for 6 seconds on enemies.

For 6 seconds, every 2 second endure 39.8% Physical Damage. To enemies suffering from the caster’s Bleed debuff, every ensuing attack dealt deals 1% additional damage per stack.

Swordmage – Elemental Bindings

"The distant stars are indifferent to worldly matters."
Target becomes ensnared, dealing Magic Damage every second.

  • Storm launches 1 attack every second with a maximum of 5 attacks. Deals 189.2% base Magic Attack damage with an added 1816-2219 Storm Damage to enemies within 5 meters. Zeal adds an additional 18.
  • For every enemy within 5 meters, subject takes an extra 10% damage with a maximum increase of 50%.

Blademaster – Blade Barrage

"Swift as the wind."
Stuns targets within a 6-meter target area and unleashes a rain of swords upon this area.

  • Deals 253.5% base Physical Damage to the enemy as well as an additional 2589-3165 Physical Damage every 0.5 seconds. Adds 20 additional Force.
  • Blade Barrage lasts 3 seconds. Deals 130% damage the 1st second, afterward dealing 30% every subsequent 1 second.
    o Stuns targets within a 6-meter target area for 3 seconds. Stuns the target.
    o While casting Blade Barrage, you enter a Mercurial state. Immunity from control-type effects.

Spirit Shaper – Spirit Guardian

"The grass, the flowers, and the wind all work together in unison!"
Transform into a dream butterfly and become one with your target ally, healing them continuously.

  • After transforming, can use Spirit Dance. Deals damage worth 28.7% base Magic Attack plus Spirit x 3.2 Spirit Damage to enemies within 10 meters every second for 10 seconds.
  • After transforming, can use Bewitching to inflict 45.1% base Magic Attack damage to enemies within 5 meters, plus an additional Spirit x 5 Spirit Damage. Inflicts 80% Slow. Lasts 1 second.
  • This can only be used on another player.
    o Confers Dream Butterfly state, continuously healing. While the state is in effect. It recovers HP equal to 33.3% of base Healing every two seconds.
    o Self gets Dream Butterfly state, continuously healing, granting control immunity, and damage reduction. While the buff is active, every two seconds HP equal to 33.3% of own base healing power is recovered, control immunity state is granted, and incoming damage is reduced by 50%.

Gunslinger – Mechanist's Onslaught

"Under the bombardment of fire, this land will be turned to scorched earth."
Summons a battle machine that deals lots of continuous damage.

  • Summons a war machine to inflict a 15-meter explosion with itself at the center. Every second, deals 135.4% base Physical Attack damage to enemies within range, plus an additional 1382-1689 Physical Damage. Also has an extra Force increase of 20.
  • Use this skill again and the war machine will move forward at a rate of 10 meters per second.
  • War machine cannot be attacked and can last up to 10 seconds.

Occultist – Spirit Shield

"Life and death alternate like day and night."
Casting distance of 25 meters. Maintain distance of 50 meters. Links and strengthens designated teammates, helping distribute damage taken and giving self Mercurial and Damage Reduction.

  • Guide lasts 10 seconds.
  • During channeling period, distributes 25% of ally’s damage taken (this damage is not affected by this skill’s damage reduction effect).
    o While channeling, maintains Mercurial state and grants 20% Damage Reduction. Immunity from control-type effects.
    o Ally gets Divine Guidance state, increasing their Crit Rate and their Special Skill Generation. Ally gets Divine Guidance state, increasing their Crit Rate by 20% and their Special Skill Generation by 67%.

Assassin – Shadow's Embrace

"The shadows and the corporeal are locked in unison."
Removes all control effects, reduces damage taken, and restores HP and reflects damage in an amount equal to the damage reduced.

  • Removes all control effects.
  • Reduces own damage taken by 20% and restores HP worth the same amount.
  • Status lasts 5 seconds.
    o For the duration of the state, self also gets Blood Soul state and Damage Reflect effect.
    o For the duration of the state, self also gets Blood Soul state and 20% Damage Reflect effect.

Please note that these translations are not final and may change in the coming days.
Excited to test out these new abilities? We hope so! Stay tuned for more sneak peaks into the next update, coming soon.

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