Skyward World: Voras Daybreak

The Gates to Voras, the Skyfeather Kingdom are closed, the Demonslayers of Ausgyth must work together to open the sealed gates that confines us!
Upon the launch of the Skyward World update, players from each server will need to work together by collecting Skyfeather Crystal Fragments which drop from the Temple of the Twelve Dungeon. Once players have collected some Skyfeather Crystal Fragments, they should head to Mira Armstrong at the Skyfeather Camp of Eltmere Ravine and hand them over to her to help progress the seal break.


Upon gathering a good amount of Skyfeather Crystal Fragments, the Imperial Society will be able to break the seal, and a Zodiac will announce his descent to Ausgyth. Zodiacs will only descend to Ausgyth at 19:00 CET on Saturdays, and if the Zodiac is not defeated, they will return the following Saturday. The Zodiacs will appear in an order, cycling through from the Rat all the way up until the Pig, once they have all been defeated, the gates will open, and players will be able to ascend to Voras.

Skyfeather Crystal Fragments

Skyfeather Crystal Fragments are dropped from the Temple of the Twelve dungeon. Based on the hall’s difficulty, you will receive a different amount of Skyfeather Crystal Fragments:

  • Front Hall: 1 to 4 Skyfeather Crystal Fragments
  • Center Hall: 3 to 5 Skyfeather Crystal Fragments
  • Rear Hall: 6 to 8 Skyfeather Crystal Fragments

The average players who does every hall each week will receive a minimum of 40 Fragments.
Collect Fragments and submit them to Mira Armstrong to directly obtain a series of rewards!


  • Synergy Horns
  • Big Synergy Horn Pack (Contains 300 Synergy Horns)
  • Common Battle Companion Scroll I (Astera, Calia, Qorian, Hyphaean Princess, Mantou, etc.)
  • Rare Battle Companion Scroll I (Ren, Yue Zhang)

Even when the seal has been broken, Mira Armstrong will still gladly accept your Skyfeather Crystal Fragments and reward you for doing so. Don’t hesitate to turn them in!

Zodiac Battle

With sufficient Skyfeather Crystal Fragments, a Zodiac will descend upon Ausgyth. Players must work together to defeat the Zodiac, once the Zodiac has been defeated, players will be rewarded based on their ranking. (Slayer mode and Battle Companions will not function in this area).


Players will be ranked according to their level, class, and based on the amount of fealty they earned during the event. The top 20 ranked players can get ranking rewards. You must damage the Zodiac or heal your allies to obtain fealty.

Caution: It is recommended to keep the Zodiac in place, as going out of range will despawn it for a short period of time! Although the respawned zodiac will keep its depleted HP status as before, players need to attack the Zodiac once again to be eligible for rewards.
The top player of each Zodiac slain in the server Fealty Rankings will each obtain a unique permanent title:

  • Astuteness of the First
  • Resilience of the Second
  • Righteousness of the Third
  • Loyalty of the Fourth
  • Judgement of the Fifth
  • Tranquility of the Sixth
  • Devotion of the Eighth
  • Vivaciousness of the Ninth
  • Discernment of the Tenth
  • Prudence of the Eleventh
  • Innocence of the Twelfth

They will also have an exclusive statue of their character erected in the Skyfeather Camp!


Ausgythians, let us work together and break the seal of the Zodiacs, Voras awaits us!

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