Skyward World: A Trio of New Battle Companions

In our previous update, Heaven and Earth, we introduced to you the Battle Companion system, with the Skyward World update, we will be expanding on this system by adding in some new features and introducing you to 3 new companions! This article is dedicated to the new Battle Companions, explaining how you can obtain them and what powers they possess. We will have an additional article explaining the new systems and features introduced with this update, so stay tuned!

Three New Companions!


Jibi has ascended! No longer bound by the shell of an Eggmar, she has transformed into Sky, a deft Wingar from the Skyfeather Kingdom.


Sky is a little different to other Battle Companions as you are able to Advance her through a special interface. Sky has 5 Stages of Advancement, each advancement requires a specific amount of Intimacy and costs Mineva’s Feathers of specific levels. When you breakthrough each advancement, Sky will obtain either random talents, updated credentials and new skins.


Mineva’s Feathers

  • Mineva’s Feather - Stage 2 is used to advance Sky from Stage 1 to Stage 2. This can be obtained via Grocers from all over Ausgyth.
  • Mineva’s Feather - Stage 3 is used to advance Sky from Stage 2 to Stage 3. This can be obtained via the Temple of the Twelve Dungeons (Front Hall, Central Hall and Rear Hall), Time Warp
  • Mineva’s Feather - Stage 4 is used to advance Sky from Stage 3 to Stage 4. This can be obtained via the Temple of the Twelve Dungeons (Front Hall, Central Hall and Rear Hall), Time Warp
  • Mineva’s Feather - Stage 5 is used to advance Sky from Stage 4 to Stage 5. This can be obtained from special activities and events.


How to Obtain

Sky will be given to all players who are with us when we implement the Skyward World update. New players will obtain her on the ship as part of the new tutorial.


Ability Description
skya1 Mutualism Special Property: Sky's gotten stronger! Upon entering battle, Sky is granted a damage increase based upon master's level. Sky's damage is increased by 3.5 points for every level master has. After awakening, Sky gets an Energy boost equal to its master's Path level. Master's Path level increases Sky's energy limit by 8 points per level.
skya2 Jibi's Protection Awakened Skill: Sky's true form! Sky transforms into a large egg that does not take damage. Every 1 second, it deals X Magic Damage to enemies within 20 meters. Lasts 6 seconds. Fortune Egg: If her master is within 20 meters of the egg, they will get X Crit Rate and X Defense Boost effects. This lasts until the egg is finished or the master strays too far from it.


Talent Description
skyt1 Kitehawk Sky leaps and charges energy in the air, unleashing a soaring bird that deals damage worth X of Magic Attack to the enemy target. Floating Hawk: Every time Kitehawk is cast,Sky gets X Spell Resist Rate for 8 seconds. In addition, Kitehawk deals X additional Magic Attack Damage to targets with more than 75% HP.
skyt2 Focused Response After entering battle, Sky's next normal attack is enhanced byX, this can be triggered every 10 seconds. Long Live the Clan: After entering battle, whenever her master uses a Special Skill, Sky's Vital Blow Rate is increased by X. This effect can stack up to 4 times.

Sky also has the possibility to get Archer Series, Support Series, Hybrid Series talents.

Yue Zhang

The ever beautiful, yet mighty Dragon Zodiac can now leave her post in the Temple of the Twelve and join you on your adventures!


How to Obtain

You have a chance to obtain this Battle Companion from:

  • Twelve Temples Dungeon
  • Time Warp
  • Skyfeather Trials
  • Ethereal Crusade Maps
  • Voras Sealbreak



Ability Description
yuea1 Moondrop Special Property: Walk aside the cold river, and gaze upon the moon. Every 3 times Vital Blow is triggered, Yue Zhang gets Moondrop status: Increases X's Magic Attack and Xs's Vital Blow damage while allowing her normal attacks to leech and convert 1% of target's Mana (or Battle Companion Energy) to her own Energy based on ratio. Moondrop status lasts 16 seconds.
yuea2 Starseal Awakened Ability: Yue Zhang transforms into several Illusions and wounds the souls of nearby enemies. Attack enemies within 7 meters range around Yue Zhang every 0.3 seconds, each dealing X Yue Zhang's Magic Attack worth of damage while inflicting a stack of Starfall. Her illusion attacks last for 2.4 seconds. Starfall: Reduces Mana Recovery effects by 90%.Starfall state lasts 6 seconds. This duration can be extended by stacking. When target has or more stacks of Starfall, Starshatter effect will be instantly triggered: will be instantly triggered: Paralyzes target for 2 seconds and inflicts one round of true damage equal to 250% of the target's Mana lost.True damage cannot exceed 1,000,000. Every Starshatter will trigger 40 seconds of Starshatter Resist. Starshatter: If target does not have Starshatter Resist, illusion attacks will also reduce target's Mana by X. This effect scales by Yue Zhang's Intelligence Credential, effect cannot exceed 6%.



Talent Description
yuet1 Dragon's Aura Upon taking damage, Yue Zhang acquires a 1.2% Vital Blow Rate, while deducting 10 Stamina from enemy targets within 5 meters. Dragon's Aura can be triggered once every 5 seconds, providing at most 5 stacks of Vital Blow Rate increase until the end battles.
yuet2 Moonfall Yue Zhang crashes down from the sky and rams into the ground, dealing damage worth X Magic Attack to enemies within 7 meters. Full Moon: If Yue Zhang's Energy is still greater than 44 after landing, Moonfall will follow up an additional X of Magic Attack damage.


Yue Zhang also has the possibility to get Archer Series, Support Series and Hybrid Series talents.


Once a Princess of the Skyfeather Kingdom, bearing deep ties to Renos, Aniya joins you on your journey to bring peace after waiting for thousands of years.


How to Obtain

You can obtain Aniya the same way as you can obtain Haruka.

  • Condense 99 Divinity Shards at the Ultra-Rare Battle Companion NPC in Sulan for a chance to obtain Haruka or Aniya.
  • Spend 30 Divinity Shards at the Ultra-Rare Battle Companion NPC in Sulan to trade your Haruka for Aniya.
  • Seeking Spirits and Time Warp have a chance to drop Ultra-rare Battle Companion Scrolls, which will randomly give you Haruka or Aniya.



Ability Description
aniyat1 Cloud Deity Crystal [Special Property] Voras Core Crystal's Power Cloud Deity's Gaze Whenever Aniya casts a Channeling Skill, there is a 32% chance to attach Cloud's Gaze to an enemy unit within 20 meters of its targeted enemy. Gaze lasts 6 seconds. During this period, any of Aniya's attacks will also hit this unit. Only one target can have Gaze at a time. Cloud Deity's Clarity: Reduces the Dodge Rate of enemies within 30 meters by X. Cloud Deity's Protection: Aniya takes 6% less area damage. If HP falls below 20%, Aniya gets 20 seconds of Mercurial. This effect can only be triggered once every 30 seconds.
aniyat2 Wind's Grief Awakened Skill - God of Wind, please assist. Deals X damage to enemies within 7 meters of the targeted enemy. This attack interrupts channeling skills and grants a Grief state. Grief: Reduces Dodge Rate by X, Parry Rate by X, Movement Speed by X, and renders target unable to use Stamina skills. Grief state lasts 4 seconds.



Talent Description
aniyaa2 Perfusion of Wind Every time a channelling attack is used, Aniya gets a stack of Perfusion of Wind, which strengthens her combat capabilities. 3 stacks of Perfusion: Every time a Vital Blow is triggered, Aniya restores 6% Max HP. 6 stacks of Perfusion: Every time Aniya spends 120 Energy, cleanses a debuff from her master and herself. 9 stacks of Perfusion: Increases Aniya's Vital Blow damage by 30%.
aniyaa1 Mountain Song Emits a wind blade while channelling that deals damage worth X Magic Attack to target and a single enemy unit nearby. This damage ignores 10% of the target's Magic Defense. Mountain Song: Mountain Song will inflict extra true damage to Battle Companions worth 2.5% of the target's current HP.

Aniya also has the possibility to get Sorcery Series, Assassin Series, Hybrid Series talents.

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