Skyward World is Now Available: Download and Play for Free!

Fly onwards and upwards to new horizons in Skyward World, now available to download for free! In Revelation Online’s biggest expansion to date, journey skywards through lands uncharted, fight fiendish foes, and discover a whole world of new features.

Skyward World unlocks the Skyfeather Kingdom: Voras, a world beyond the clouds full of mysteries to uncover and adventures to be had. The story continues with the War of the Wardens, where you will travel through 1,600 years of time and space to prevent catastrophe. Be wary, as the shadow of the City of the Demon Gods - home to a hellish 10-player raid and a horde of wicked lieutenants - looms large in Nuanor’s distant past, and could spell eternal doom for its future…
You won’t be facing these challenges unprepared. Team up with three new Battle Companions for your journeys through Voras and Nuanor’s past: say hello to Sky, Aniya, and Yue Zhang! Sky, a Wingar from the Skyfeather Kingdom, has the special ability to advance and attain random talents, credentials, and skins. Additionally, all seven classes can now unlock brand-new abilities:

  • Gunslinger: Mechanist’s Onslaught
  • Blademaster: Blade Barrage
  • Swordmage: Elemental Bindings
  • Vanguard: Thunder Snare
  • Spirit Shaper: Spirit Guardian
  • Occultist: Spirit Shield
  • Assassin: Shadow’s Embrace

Fancy some cross-server PvP chaos? Wage a new Imperial War on Voras, where two teams of up to 300 players can clash for control of four islands in scheduled weekly skirmishes. You can also rally your Guild for Imperial Wargames, a twice-weekly event where you can hunt bounties on behalf of the Empyrean Cabal to earn Guild Auction rewards and Guild Acclaim. If you’re more of a lone hero, pit yourself against other players in the Skyfeather Trials, a true test of strength and virtue where you could take possession of the coveted Celestial Weapon!
Still looking for more content? You can now collect Enchantments to power up your character with the new Book of Enchantments progression system. The user interface and general navigation has been revamped across the board, with an improved achievement interface, and a new look for the Skill Bar, Special Skill interface, Auction House, Character and Family Oath windows, Grand Boutique, and in-game Store. Plus, you can now invite guests from any server to your wedding in the Crystalline Palace, and tie the knot in style with a dreamy new gown and carriage mount.
You’re cleared for landing! Revelation Online: Skyward World is now available to download for free on PC from the MY.GAMES GameCenter and Steam.

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